Christmas & Sharing

Christmas is a season of showing love to others by giving selflessly and not wanting or waiting for anything in return..
A group of youths in Calabar showed the rest of us what christmas is all about by giving back to the less privileged. “Enrich A Life” they tagged this project as they gathered toys, clothes, food items and lots more to take to two orphanages, one in state housing estate and the other on marian hill. They were led by my friend, Gershom Davis supported by Patrick, ceo Calified clothing. They got a bus at about 1pm and started on their short trip to bring smiles to the faces of motherless babies right here in Calabar.

Haven’t found that perfect gift for mum, dad, sis, bro, girlfriend, boyfriend, cousin, aunty, uncle even grand ma and grandpa? Let me show you something you will love.
simplysleek teezsupermanIMG1356003959581
You can get yours done in days… Contact Jaka- BB pin 28962992 and he’ll hook you up
Show some love to someone this christmas.. It could even be me *winks*


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