My College Life S1/E2

“…and that is how I want you all to do the project, use the libraries, read books. I want something different this time around”
Thank goodness! He was gone. I like the course but the lecturer talks to himself 90% of the time.
“Aunty! Today you decide to listen in all the classes, not even looking up to laugh small or catch my eye self.”
I looked up at my worried best friend Zina.
“Sorry babes. I’ve been in some mood. How are you though”
“I’m hungry and I want to hear all about how you and Navi hooked up”
“I knew there had to be a reason you were caring all of a sudden. I told you everything na. I remember finishing both our credits on that gist”
“That can’t be all jor. I want the inner gist”
“There’s no inner gist and now I think I’m hungry too” I said shoving my book in my bag
“What do you want to eat? You never eat in school”
“Shhh! I’m changing my ways. Want to add weight in the right places”
“Oh mma! Okay oo. So snacks or rice or garri?”
“Garri ke? I’m not that hungry jor! Snacks are not food anymore so I’ll manage rice”
“No be only manage… Mtcheew!”
“My friend! What do you want”
“Aunty, I want rice and stew and meat. And she wants the same thing”
“Ah! my friend, you are eating today?
“Yes aunty! No plantain?”
“It has finished”
“What will you drink?” Zina asked when we sat.
We ate in silence for a while and the silence is broken by the sound of incoming footsteps and really loud laughter. We continue eating and Zina says “I knew it. You had an ulterior motive. You can’t just want to eat like that. So you planned a date and didn’t tell me?”
I gave her this confused look “Ekabong! What are you talking about? Huh?”
Oh! I forgot to add, Zina’s other name iAlone love calling her by is Ekabong
“Don’t say that name in public. Isn’t that Navi on the food queue?”
The name made me choke a little, sipped my fanta and noticed Zina smiling mischievously
“See how you’re going to make me embarrass myself for someone who doesn’t even know my name”
Navi walked over to the table next to ours and sat down. How convenient I thought to myself as I concentrate on my food. Zina is at this point hiding giggles or trying to but I ignore her.
I raised my eyes up a little and noticed Navi staring at me so I smiled and nodded.
“Hey you! Fancy meeting you here”
“Yh, hi”
“I forgot to ask you your name yesterday. Silly me.”
“Its Womi”
“Okay, cool-Womi! And your friend?”
He asks now turning to Zina who was all smiles
“Zina! My name is Zina!”
“That’s a flower if I’m not mistaken?”
“Yes it is. How did you know?”
“I know stuff”
“Ohhkay, what’s your own name” Zina asked like she didn’t know the name at her finger tips.
“Your parents love water or something”
“Hah! Nope.” He replied and faced his food
“You’re not eating again?” Zina asked
“Appetite gone. Can we go yet?”
“Yeah sure.”
We waved Navi, paid and left.
…and then Zina says “hide me hide me”
I was really confused but we turned around and took another route.
“What was all that about?” I finally asked
“The bad breath dude I told you about, I wasn’t ready to gag all the food we just ate”
I laughed really hard as we walked to my house.

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