this is too hilarious! i just had to reblog this.

Wale Adenuga studios

ok, due to some technical issues, the Post was removed, well, now its back, Enjoy!

WAiT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T SCROLL TO THE PICTURE YET!!!!! READ THE POST MY FRiEND!!!  *Akpos’Voice* WHAT’s UR HURRY??!??

If there’s any mistake in this Post, blame @47tweets it was ALL his fault, he didn’t gimme internet *straitface* 

Ok, just so u know, iCant really tell u whether this story was written based on fact or fiction, bt as u read, u go fit determine yasef….BUT PLEASE NOTE.

Certain names during the post will be replace with ‘bla bla’ also The original names of the victims have been changed for security purposes, except Shalewa ofcourse, wait! Is that name spelt with an ‘H’ azzin is it ‘Salewa’ or ‘Shalewa’ iThink Wizkid’s version was without the H…….*sigh* who cares, this isn’t the Point btw….Also the Photo at the bottom, aka  pOTD,(and no am not asking u to scroll down)…

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