Best Dressed of the day!!!

Heyo peepz!! New week! Yay! The only reason I’m happy about this particular monday is because……. Er! No reason… I’m just happy this month will soon end…

Yes! Many thanks to all our viewers…. Most especially those that followed the short story- My College Life. My college Life is purely fictional. If in anyway characters and/or events show resemblance to real characters or events, it is merely a coincidence. So, all those people that have been doing busy-body because they have personal relationships with the writers, please take note :D.

A new page we are introducing starting today is titled: Best Dressed of the Day (BDOTD). For now though, we’ll be scouting mostly our department and environs… I don’t need too much stress abeg, I’m lazy… *in Chris Brown’s voice* Please don’t judge me, lol. So, so, two girls were already sighted on friday and you’ll see…

Who knows, we may also introduce the WDOTD…. Hehehe! Just watch this space, everyday, every hour, every minute, every second… “Coz u Knw!!”



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