Zina’s Story. S2/E1

It was a rather sunny day and I was really irritated, sweaty and the heat was unbearable… Cold drinks were selling really quickly and people all around were sweaty, sticky and smelly except this one girl.
Under the comfort of the shadiest tree, my favorite tune playing in the background, I sat still, observing the girl wearing a white see-through blouse and skinny grey jeans with the loveliest pair of multicolored wedges I had ever seen. She looked out of place as she had just stepped out of a car, asked someone a question and went back into the car. Windows rolled up and I wished I was in the comfort of an Ac car right then.. “Oh well” I shrugged and looked away..
My next class was in an hour and I was all alone listening to music waiting for Zina who had to go home and change ‘cos she wore the most uncomfortable clothes. Thank goodness I picked today to wear jeans and a tank top and pack my hair up in a bun. I would have had to go home too. Alone with my thoughts, I felt a tap and started,

“ahh, Zina you are back! Let me see what you wore” .

Removing the headset, I turned to see a strange face.
“So sorry, I thought you were my friend Zina. Can I help you?” I said to a dark sweaty girl in a yellow sun-dress
“Yes, yes you can.! Are you Womi?”
“Yes I am. Any problem?”
“Yes, in-fact there is___”
“Womi! I didn’t want to come back oo. Its too hot”  Zina sulked as she got to where I was. “hey!” She greeted sun dress girl who nodded.
“Zina, u interrupted. Sit down and rest a bit.”  Turning, I added,  “sorry, my friend Zina! You were saying something about a problem?”
“Yes, I have come to warn you. Leave my boyfriend for me. This would be the first and the last time I would say this, next time it would be accompanied with a slap!”

Zina and I turned to ourselves, confused!
“You must have the wrong person. My friend is single” Zina answered for a very dumbfounded me.
“No! Don’t talk, she knows what I’m talking about, don’t put your mouth. It’s between Womi and I”
“Who is your boyfriend?” I managed to ask.
“Stop pretending. Leave Navi for me” I felt my mouth drop and Zina’s face was a mirror reflection of mine…
My laughter, my answer to everything stress, must have shocked my companions. I finally got a hold of myself and said,

“thanks for the info, babe. I won’t be a bother. You can keep your boyfriend. He isn’t worth it actually”
She opened her mouth to speak and before she could say anything, someone called her “Mma-ita!!”
I turned to see miss hottie walking towards us from her car. In the confusion, I had forgotten i was trailing her. Sunglasses in hair and walking rather determinedly, she smacked Mma-ita on the cheek.

“Girl fight!!” I whispered to Zina.

By now a small crowd was gathering as Mma-ita and Amakai( overheard someone say,’ ‘isn’t that Amaka Glo manager’s daughter?’). Turning to face Zina, I didn’t find her seated by me. Where’d she go? I thought to my self, scanning the area. at times like this, this love garden should have been called “drama garden”. I saw my friend in the mix, trying to separate both girls. By now, Mma-ita had gotten a good beating but didn’t want to go down easily. Amaka didn’t even break a sweat.
“Polka dot bra!” “Hot body” “OMG”
I looked for the new cause of commotion and saw Zina’s lacy pink blouse had lost buttons. I hurried over to my rather embarrassed friend.
Amaka and I chorused ‘sorry’ as we walked hurriedly towards Amaka’s car while mma-ita kept screaming and trying to break out of the barricade of boys that held her down as we scurried away.
“Sorry babes” I kept whispering to a very quiet, Zina!” Amaka joined me in the chorus.
Pulling out of the car park, we all turned to see the cause of the afternoon’s commotion, Navi, walking out with a girl in a really short dress. Her hair was a mess and I’m sure everyone thought the same thing. Amaka hissed disappointingly , changed gears and drove us home.

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