Zina’s story. S2/E9

‘How can you say this dress is horrible? This is a one of a kind Derby Narsh dress oo…’
‘What is making it “one-of-a-kind”? The shineshine on it?’
‘This is the reason I hate Skype-ing with you. Now, I want to smack the back of your head but there’s no hope.’
‘Kpele… oya! Sell the dress to me.’
‘Ehen! It’s a short black v-neck, sequinned dress with a vintage sleeve on one hand and a slim strap on the other. The V-neck will enhance the flaunting of cleavage which is my asset and seeing as the crème-de la crème will be there, it necessary to show off some decent skin. Sold?’
‘Try it on. Where’s everyone sef?’
‘Pops went out. Mama went for women’s meeting in church.’
‘Wow! The dress is actually amazing.’
‘The dress? Say, I look amazing.’
‘See this one. Farabale ejor!’
‘Italian hoe!’
My holiday had been anything but boring. There was just an extra dose of Drama in this one and it was more annoying that Womi went to remain in the ranch. It’d been mostly me, alone driving round, visiting some old friends, going with mumsi to work… wait! Did I say this holiday was not boring? To think I still had several weeks to go. Sigh! It was almost time to talk to Womi. I adjusted lazily on my bed where I’d been all day and dialled her.
‘Adele! Taylor! Which one do you prefer?’
‘Remind me of my sorrows oo. Keep reminding me.’
‘As na me come be “Reminder” abi?’
‘It seems. How far? Is that Uma’s voice I’m hearing?’
‘I’m good. Cold don wire me sha. You won’t believe whose family is staying in the suite opposite ours…’
‘Gehn gehn! Which of your people?’
I laughed loudly.
‘Na your credit sha…’
‘So, have you people talked or seen?’
‘I tried yesterday as they arrived but he did me formal formal…ah! I no dey carry last na. I just boned him.’
‘Iron lady!’
‘Small something! But seriously, how are you?’
‘I’m good. Seriously.’
‘Are you trying to convince me or you?’
‘Heard from anyone? Or rather, have you spoken to anyone of them?’
‘Amaka travelled.’
‘I meant Niyi or Igho’
‘Igho, hehehe. None! Igho runs down my battery daily. Niyi here has been proving he did Literature in secondary school; quoting some serious Shakespeare. I’m tired jor. They should leave me.’
‘So, your sex-capade with Igho, it didn’t mean anything?’
‘I didn’t seeing it coming. Prior to that, there was nothing, so, am I now going to nurse feelings because___’
‘I’m not asking you to nurse feelings, Zina. I’m just saying that you should stop dodging them, stop trying to avoid everything. Deal with them once and for all.’
‘Niyi and I broke up___’
‘Did you accept the break-up?’
‘It wasn’t a Facebook request oo!’
‘Daft! Call Niyi and Ighodalo. Put them out of their misery.’
‘I’m not going to call anybody oo! Niyi is happy oo… is it me that won’t move on?’
‘Show him you have.’
‘I’m an expert on love matters, trust me.’
‘Womi! You know nothing about love! You’ve been watching too much soap!’
She laughed. ‘Behave jor! It’s helping.’
‘When are you coming into town?’
‘Wednesday. Have you found what to wear for the party?’
‘Correct! Friday is gonna be awesome!’
‘Oh yeah! I’ll just charge my phone and carry charger incase,’
‘Deceive yourself. You cannot dull! Everybody that is something will be there. No dulling!’
‘Tis your cousin’s birthday; It’s the very Aniah that I know oo.’
‘So, his best friend is Niyi’s elder brother, what’s that his name again. Imagine that clique- him, Niyi, Fidel, Badmus, Sasha, Brenda. Hot people. See, Zina, no do oo!’
‘Calm down! Till the Friday.’
‘Better. Oya, let me save you small credit.’
‘It’s the etisalat I used.’
‘No wonder. Still, bye-bye.’

I wasn’t quite sure of my fate as I walked cautiously into the bank where Niyi worked. It’d been two weeks since we last saw at my ‘special place’: Deli Morning. I had told myself I had gotten over everything but was I ready to handle the emotions seeing him would shove at me? Earpiece plugged into my ears, I walked into the not-so-busy banking hall. It wasn’t a surprise when the service dude directed me to Niyi’s teller point. I ransacked my bag for gum and found a glorious piece which I shoved into my mouth.
‘Good day.’ He had greeted without looking up. I remained mute and put forth my money and teller.
When he had seen the name of the depositor I assumed, he rose up his head and looked at me. It was a Niyi I hadn’t seen in a while. It wasn’t just the wrinkles at the corner of his mouth when he smiled or as it seemed he’d been working out, the body that had evolved into something beautiful. No, it wasn’t all that. I remembered that body – I missed it. I missed him. With a thud, I slammed my forehead with my palm.
‘H—hey you.’ I grunted with dismay.
‘My prayers have been answered today.’
‘Could you hurry with that? My mum’s in the parking lot.’
He obliged and after dropping the pink slip and yellow slip, I scurried out of the bank.
‘You didn’t think I’d lose this chance, did you?’
I sighed as Niyi had beaten me to the car. I thought of my words carefully, and then spoke.
‘I was hoping you would. As I even had to lie about my mum being here’
‘I’m sorry. For everything. Heck! Kate ___’
I was a hundred and twenty percent sure I didn’t want to listen to this so I broke him off.
‘Listen, Niyi! What we had was good. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. You decided the time, YOU ended. I don’t need to hear your excuse, I don’t need to listen to a bunch of words you have put together to try and justify you shitty actions. I don’t even want to be having this conversation right now. So if you’d kindly back your sleazy self away from the door, I’d like to be on my way.’
I felt confident. As I looked at Niyi through the rear-view mirror, my eyes seemed to be at the brink of laughing. He looked devastated. I, on the other end had just walked out on what I hoped was my last heartbreak. I felt like Kratos after he had killed Zeus in God of War3. A nine month old relationship had birthed a new me.
While still in my happy and peaceful meadow, a call came through on my cell-phone. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the caller ID.


3 thoughts on “Zina’s story. S2/E9

  1. Noice! Derby Narsh dress ke? She has to pay you guys for advertising oo lol… I didn’t quite get who zina was skyping with sha… Then awww Niyi the a**hole! Rme* Good 1 😀

  2. Hi, girl. Thanks for always reading. If you followed the story from the beggining, you should have guessed the person. It’s her brother in Italy, Tofe. Remember? Derby Narsh, I know right…Niyi: you win some, you lose some. 🙂

    • Ohhh! Thanks for clearing that little confusion. I’m sure others would be enlightened by that.. Did I mention I noticed you are now adding suspence to the end.? Thrills the readers everytime!

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