Zina’s story. S2/E10

Yes! it’s the season finale. 😀


Strolling down the walkway, I thought to myself. School looked rather too busy for a first day. This was about the first time I was in school on the first day of resumption and that was because a busy-body lecturer fixed a class and apparently, the attendance would count. Remembering that I hadn’t reminded Womi about the class, i put a call through to her as I walked down.
“How far? You remember there’s a class this morning, right?”
“Yeah na, you told me last night. But…”
“But? but ko, button ni… find your way to school oo. I will not write your name cos i don’t remember your matric number today.”
“I hear you. My boyfriend will drop me.”
“You had better been referring to your dad because I don’t know where a boyfriend would have come from. I talked to you last night and I heard nothing of the sort.”
“Detective Zina. Let me go and bath”
It’d been several weeks after my heart break, sex-capade, sharing a kiss with a girl and all what not and I was doing fine. I had not exactly gotten over it all, but I was done sitting around in my pyjamas, binge eating/drinking, having Womi give me numerous pep-talks and all what not. Yes, I felt fine. All the drama had passed on. The new semester meant a lot because it felt like I was starting anew. New life, new focus, new dreams, new specs. Everything felt new. Break-ups were never easy for me, but I knew I handled this one well. No-one believed I’d live after Niyi but it’s happening. All through my class, I paid more attention to my new happiness and scribbled down a bunch of nonsense. Womi slept almost all through and I wondered what she did at night. This one has a boyfriend *shrugs*.
“You all should work harder this semester. Your last semester’s results were quite disappointing. That’s all for today. Read up the topics. Welcome to school.”
“I’ve always hated this H.O.D’s classes sha.” Womi grunted as she straightened and stretched.
“As you slept all through. Why so tired though?”
“Fun night. I slept over at Uma’s, in my parent’s mind. But i was actually hanging with Navi___” At that point I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know the end. But I felt I should confirm my thoughts.
“Navi? You’re still seeing that one?” I chose to keep the conversation going.
“Apparently. He called to apologize oo. That amaka and that other girl were just deceiving themselves, bla, bla. Plus, Uma’s girlfriend was over. They needed some privacy.”
“Why’d you leave the house in the first place?”
“School has started na, I’m supposed to be back to my school house. There was no light, U-Jimco was not selling fuel so, on my way to Uma’s, I saw Navi…etc”
“Any night action?”
“TAH! I told him to drop me at Uma’s abeg. I’m still smart like that. After those girls embarrassed us? TAAH!!!”
I sighed, then laughed. I could already tell this was going to be a good semester.

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