The Q10 Story : Prologue.

Hey people! Let me start by wishing you all a happy weekend and also Congratulations to all the high school graduates. God bless you all.

*clears throat*

It’s that time of the year, alright. The long vacation period. Summer. Most of us are supposed to be in school though but ASUU said ‘NO’. So, thanks to ASUU. we are keying into the long vacation spirit, for now…

Well, this break has given Chakie and I time to come up with something fresh. Yep! A new story. i came up with the prologue while she worked on the rest so you can rightly say it’s OUR story. it’s interesting and entirely fiction. So, all ye Sherlock Holmes protegees, just calm down, please. :D. okay! so, without further ado, i introduce to you; this beautiful ‘piece’  by an amazing duo, your addiction for the next couple of weeks that promises to keep you guessing and demanding more, I present to you, THE Q10 STORY .


I dozed off because my Blackberry’s battery had died on me. In the middle of my REM sleep, my house mate,  Alice came and woke me, crying that her body itched… I sighed and cursed in my heart while dragging myself out of bed. It’d been long since I drove a manual transmission car but with this level of irritation I was so sure fear had taken the back seat. The roads were tight, I hated epileptic driving but with not much of a choice, I throttled on. Finally, I arrived Gadd pharmacy, purchased the drug that relieve her of the itching and began pulling my frustrated self back to the car. Just then, a grey Passat CC pulled into the car park. I paused for I knew the car so well. Where had I seen it? How do I know it? Three girls came out and began chattering but the driver was still struggling with something. I remained in my halted position still staring at the car and girls, trying to remember where i had seen the car before. Finally, the driver came out. She wore brown pants and an orange blouse with green feather earrings; apparently, she was on the classy side. Then again, she was driving a Volkswagen Passat CC.  She looked familiar just as the car did. And then it clicked. I smiled and giggled to myself for some seconds and with one long sigh, I walked to my car which looked all too rickety all of a sudden.




6 thoughts on “The Q10 Story : Prologue.

  1. First of all, the prologue is a tad skimpy.. Also the transition from when she got out of bed to the car was too quick and left more description to be desired by readers.. Although I’ll love to know why the girl and the car looked familiar.. Well good work but could be better.. Waiting for next chapter!

  2. Good attempt…. Though it lacked suspense….n yeah u caught us for a sec but u didn’t say where she saw the car previously n why she smiled…good ist chapter….. waiting for the next…

  3. Toooooo short. toooooo short. And non-literates like me don’t know what REM means 😥

    Plus…better suspense? What the other guys said. I like that you have a good eye for cars. You should consider marrying me 🙂

    Nice so far….!

    • lol, REM- Rapid eye Movement. it’s a kind of sleep you’d call “napping”, yeah? i had no idea a prologue is to be long. but, thanks for commenting. Chapter 1 in a bit. 🙂 *CZ*

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