The Q10 Story- Episode 1.

Happy new week, y’all. Alright, this is the Chapter one of the story- “THE Q10 story”. Read, enjoy and comment if you may….


“Hey Zazi! Why are you just sitting like this? It’s too early to be moping into thin air biko. What’s the p?”

I immediately jumped out of my day dream as Alice, my house mate called my name. She was plump and wearing the most hideous in-between a sac and a night gown dress I had ever seen. But I couldn’t tell her that because the girl thought she was the best dresser in the whole of Cross River State.

“I’m just bored! Where are you going looking like that?”

“You like? Going to see my boo.. Wanna tag along? Don’t like seeing you like this.”

“I’m good… I’ll be fine! I’d rather not disturb you and Junior..”

“No, he won’t mind. I don’t either. His folks travelled. The cook would feed you anything you want.. Please come…”

I sighed as I gave in, wore a hoodie on my tank and jeans and was ready to tag along. Dear Lord, let this not be a mistake, I prayed silently.

A few minutes later, headphones in my ear, our cab pulled up in front of Junior’s house. Junior, a typical rich kid was tall and dark. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt standing at the gate and waiting for us. He welcomed us warmly and though I wasn’t in the socializing mood, I managed a smile.

“Abo, the chef would soon be here to take your order. What ever you want, feel free..” Junior said once I was seated.

“Abo? Strange name!”

“Yeah, she’s from my mum’s village.”

And with that, Alice and junior walked out of the parlour to God knows where to do stuff I didn’t want to imagine. I turned off my music player and got comfy on the couch with the DSTV remote.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I must have dozed. Abo was looking down at me with the loveliest plate of noodles in her hands. It smelled divine too. I immediately dug in as soon as she handed the tray to me. My spirits had lifted amazingly fast because of food!

I devoured the food like a hungry lion and in less than no time, I found the kitchen and dropped my plate. Abo didn’t let me wash it, though. She was nice. I went back to surfing the Tv.

Moments later, I heard scurrying of feet after a car horn blared at the gate and I figured someone important was home.

Junior rushed out and whisked me to his room where my friend was sitting brushing her hair, saying “My dad is home early! Please stay here. I’ll be right back”

“Someone is happy? Aren’t you glad you came out?” Alice started, blushing.

“You too, you can’t stop blushing. Thanks though for letting me tag along. I am officially in love with Abo’s cooking”

“… Junior! Junior! Junior! I thought I just saw that boy”

In hushed tones, Alice said, “That must be his dad. Let’s hide”

We stood behind the door as the man stepped in but he  still noticed us…

He was a man in his early 50s a little grey and not bad looking. he was tall and wore brown chinos and a Polo tee. He also had a fendora on his head. Travel clothes, I thought to myself.

The man, smiled at us knowingly and asked if we had seen Junior. Alice answered on our behalf and the man walked away, laughing to himself.

Few minutes later, we recounted the story to Junior as he was about walking us out. When his mum, a really young woman in her late 20s walked in, we greeted but she ignored us and gave Junior a parcel saying, “Your dad said to give your guests transport.”

He in turn handed the envelop to me. When the woman dressed in grey pants and a purple shirt walked out, I gave him a quizzed look to which he responded, “my mum, my step-mum!”

It all made more sense then. We thanked him and told him to thank his dad and we left. I gave Alice the envelope as we reached our house and she counted the money and gave me half. Free food and money. I was glad I followed her out today.

8 thoughts on “The Q10 Story- Episode 1.

  1. So I read this before reading the prologue. How did she know the car? The she is Zazi ryt? Passat cc, my dream car. Only in my dreams. Again I ask, How did she know the car (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳

  2. A new chapter, once again I’ll lay emphasis on the scanty descriptions. I feel you should tell more to help the reader imagine better. For e.g Junior’s house, what does it look like? does he have dog that barked as it sensed foreigners in the house? etc. One more thing, whats the aim of this chapter? And am I getting more interested in the main character or not..gimme chapter two!

    • Hi Uc, all that will be considered. it’s just a story. The main character is just narrating her experience(if I may). It really shoudn’t be a case of ‘TMI’, don’t you think? Chapter two-soon.

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