The Q10 story- Episode 2

It was only my third day of working in the Ministry of Finance and I was bored to the teeth. Thank God for Temple run as PHCN had been good to me.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I got there. The holiday was coming to an end and all my friends that had traveled were not planning on coming back till a few weeks into resumption. Everyone knows nothing happens during the first few weeks. I was complaining to my mum and dad when they called to check on me and apparently my dad’s brother was in on the gist so he called me up and asked if I was bored enough to work as his PA and secretary for a salary to start up my savings for the new Q10 coming out soon. I was excited because I had been singing to my family that I must get the phone to change my always crashing Bold6. I started work on Monday and it was Wednesday now and I wasn’t needed for the mean time as my uncle (the Commissioner of finance) was in a meeting.

Right on cue, he and some other men came into the office. I greeted and they went in.

“Zazi!” My uncle called out.

“Yes sir” I said, slowly getting used to calling him ‘sir’

“I need you to take these files, go with the driver and deliver them to the Commissioner of Health, his name is Dr Stephen Edu. I’ve told him you are coming. He will give you some instructions and send you back to me.”

“Okay Uncle… I mean Sir” I said and left the office.

Today, as a worker, I had chosen to wear a Red skirt and a white lacy blouse and brown wedges.

After getting directions from the secretary, I walked forward and knocked at the door that read ‘Commissioner of health’ and I got a reply from the other side and walked in. I was shocked to see Junior’s father sitting in the chair. I stifled a laugh as I shut the door and walked up to the front of the table. His office was quite and nicely arranged and what really caught my interest was the purple curtains. My favorite color-purple.

He asked me to sit down. I had stopped hearing out of suprise. I needed to gain myself again.


“I was saying your boss called and said you were bringing the files so I asked my staff not to ask you any questions. I hope no-one stopped you on your way in?”

“No. They were nice enough to show me the way”

At this point, I handed the files over to him and told him I was expected to take a report from him back to my boss.

“I’ve seen you before, I don’t remember where?”

“I don’t think so, sir”

“What school did you graduate from? You look rather young. A private university?”

“No sir, I’m not a graduate yet. I’m kind of doing my IT”

“Oh! Nice. Okay, why didn’t you pick my ministry? I love a lady in red”

“I didn’t know, thank you very much, sir” I replied, now totally uncomfortable.

He handed some files to me saying, “Please, get them to him safe. He must trust you else, he would have come himself.” With that, I was off.

Work had closed for the day. A grey Volkswagen PassatCC pulled up in front of me as I was trying to find a cab. i was already so irritated that i almost cursed the driver. It felt as if the small few minutes the car pulled up for whatever reason would have been the time i would have found a cab after standing at the bus stop for more than half an hour.

“Hey, Miss Red Skirt!” The man inside said, making me take a closer look. It was Dr Edu. Hallelujah! Free ride.

“Where are you headed?”


“Okay I guess that’s where we’re headed then. Hop in” I gladly did as finding a cab had been hard and it was already dark.

“Which direction is home?”

“Atekong.” I replied

“Okay, I’m in a hurry, heading to Calabar south now so I’ll hand u over to my driver he said driving back towards his office which was still busy.

I thanked him and switched cars and he was off. I was grateful and there was no means of even telling the man i was home safe. Oh well, his driver would report back to him. i shrugged and let myself into the house. i was home alone for the night as Alice had all-night choir rehearsals in her church.

“Zazi! Call these numbers. Invite all Commissioners to the Seminar room on Friday. Letters had been dispatched earlier so remind them. I need them all in attendance”

“Okay sir” I responded as I got to work on the list.

“Hello Dr!” I started “This is just a reminder for the meeting with the Commissioner of finance on friday at 10am. A letter was sent over a week ago and we do hope you can make it”

“I already scheduled it into my ‘to-do’ for friday. Where’s the venue?”

“Seminar room, Ministry of finance”

“Okay, Miss Red Skirt!”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I’m good with voices. ” and the line went dead.

I immediately went on with my calls.

“Alice! i will soon die of hunger oo… I hate the days when you’re to cook.”

“it’s not me. I didn’t know we were out of gas so all this while the pot was on the gas, there was no fire.”

“na wa for you! let’s go and eat at Fiesta, please. i’m dying.”

“This your grey dress is fine oo. Give me na.”

I grimaced. This was the first time Alice had said my dress was fine and considering the fact that I know her to be a girl with a ‘not-so-good’ sense of style, that compliment was not good.

“okay, let me wear it one more time, i’ll give you.”

Ohsi (meaning Thank you in Bekwarra{CRS}). That was easy. At least, this is the first time I’ve liked your clothes. Your fashion sense is not as high as mine. so, i’m sure you’re happy”

i faked a grin. “Walk fast jor! before i collapse on this road.”

“Let me call Junior sef”

While having lunch/dinner at Fiesta, i looked out the window and gazed while I ate. A lot of good cars were driving past from the little angle of Marian road i could see. I shivered as the Audi Q7 passed followed by the awesome Chevrolet Avalanche. I just love cars.

“Who says i won’t be rich?”  I said to Alice with hopeful eyes.

“Zazi, Zazi! Don’t worry, Q10, PassatQQ, and all the rest of the big things you dream about will be yours, in Jesus Name!” she smiled
“What is PassatQQ? Have I taught you anything?”

“Ah! is that not the name?”

“No, aunty. it’s Passat CC” i corrected.

“No vex.”

We ate on in silence and spent up to an hour gisting and watching Tv before finally heading home.

“We need Fuel and gas now. Will you buy tomorrow?”

“my own half of the money is not ready yet.”

“i’ll pay then you’ll pay me back?”

“okay. Oshi.”

“stop saying that thing. it sounds like an insult”

“Ah! but it’s my language na.. okay, Thanks.”

“Better. Let me go and prepare for work tomorrow.”

“okay, i want to charge my phone in Adam’s room.”

I recessed to my room to pick out what I’d wear to work the next day and stayed there for the rest of the night.


4 thoughts on “The Q10 story- Episode 2

  1. This is FUNNAY! Loollz wth is passat qq biko? “…I know her to be a girl with a ‘not-so-good’ sense of style, that compliment was not good.” My fave line OhMGee! Loollzz

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