The Q10 Story. Episode 3.

Hey everyone. I’d like to start by apologizing for being out for so long. #NoExcuses but it won’t happen again. We’re back! and now, to continue the story we paused…

Here’s Episode (Chapter) 3 of “THE Q10 STORY”.


Work was going on well, everyone was nice and friendly to me. And I completed all the tasks I was given adequately and on time. But boy! Was I happy it was the weekend! As I joined a taxi with some colleagues, I was already sleepy. My batteries were low and I was praying we had light or at least my housemate had gotten fuel. I didn’t expect to see her at home because she spent most of her time at Junior’s.

“You look tired!” She started “long day?”

“Yeah” I responded weakly “did you cook?”

“No, but you can warm some left over stew from yesterday. What would you like it with? Let me cook for you while you shower”

“Thanks” I said heading to the bathroom. “How about fried yam?”

“Okay hun! Onnit”


Minutes later, refreshed from the shower, I was eating fried yam and stew that Alice made while she asked me about work. I answered all her questions in between mouthfuls.

“Ehen! Why are you home? Where’s Junior?” I asked, remembering.

“Do you mind him? He travelled to the village with his family yesterday for the weekend.”

“Oh! So what will you be up to na?”

“Hmm, I have a fun weekend planned. Want to perfect my swimming skills tomorrow.”

“Okay oo” I said laughing, “no drown oo”


Saturday, I was well rested and doing my laundry when a call came in

“Hello” I started, listening for the voice.

“Hello! Miss Red skirt” the caller responded. “What are you up to this Saturday afternoon?”

“Rounding up on some laundry, Doc” I said, recognizing the voice.

“Oh good! I just got into town, I have a few meetings scheduled then I’ll come pick you up for some ice-cream. Its rather hot and I’d love some blue bunny. Do you mind?”

I was quiet for a while as if to consider the offer. Then I shrugged and replied, “Okay Sir.”


After hanging up, I jumped up to find what to wear. It had been a while I had ice-cream and to have gotten a Blue Bunny offer this hot afternoon was blissful. I carefully picked out a light blue tee, and paired it with navy shorts. Baseball hat and glasses and then when Dr. Edu called for directions, I walked out to his car. The A.c cooled the little beads of sweat wanting to ruin my light make up.

“You’re not wearing red on purpose, are you?” he started and I laughed remembering that my sneakers were red.


“The blue bunny is in your house?” I said, bewildered as we pulled up in front of Junior’s house. I swallowed hard and put on a frightened expression.

He horned then responded “Yes, I always have ice-cream in my freezer. What’s that look for? My family is still in the village. I rushed in for a meeting to go back in the evening.”

With that, I relaxed a bit though still really uncomfortable. I planned to leave ASAP. All of a sudden, the ice-cream didn’t appeal to me anymore.

We walked into the quiet house and I sat on the couch while Dr. Edu went in.

Just when I was getting comfortable…

“HELLLOOO!!! Anybody home?” It was coming from outside I quickly put my glasses back on hopefully it was a good enough disguise.

A girl in an orange dress, hair in a bun and the coolest black pumps yet walked in pulling a box. I recognized her but couldn’t remember how.

“Uhmmmm, Zazi! What are you doing here?”

I smiled at her and waved dramatically, trying to buy time to search my brain for information on how I knew her.

“Heyyy! Daisy!” I remembered who she was now.





8 thoughts on “The Q10 Story. Episode 3.

  1. Blue bunny at his house? this Dr.Edu guy sef.. I like his nick 4 Zazi “miss red skirt”!
    The end is quite interesting, & il love 2 know what daisy was doing at the house

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