The Q10 story. Episode 5.

A week had gone by since I heard from Dr Edu. I wasn’t missing the attention but a part of me still wanted that phone. I almost had to chain my hands and feet from finding the man and asking about the phone… Cunningly, of course.

It was Wednesday and I was busy typing away at my desk when I noticed that a dark figure had entered the room and was staring at me. I looked up and saw Dr Edu standing right infront of me. I immediately jumped up and greeted, stating that my boss was out for lunch but would be back shortly. He said he had called him already. I offered him a seat which he took and we started talking. He asked why I hadn’t called him since Saturday and I said I had been busy.

Just then the driver walked in, greeted me and handed some things over to the doctor. I feigned disinterest and continued with my work. By the time I raised my gaze to his, Dr Edu was standing.

“I have to leave now, I can see you are really busy and I have a lunch meeting set up. Tell your boss I was here. Give these to him and this one is for you.” He said handing a box and files to me.

“Okay Sir, I’ll let him know. Thank you, sir.” I said smiling. I began tearing the box apart as soon as he was out of sight. The moment I realized what it was, I shrieked. My scream must have brought the roof down. I was over excited; I had just gotten the Blackberry Q-10 that was released just yesterday!! OMG! This can’t be happening, I thought. I immediately dialed Dr. Edu’s number and stared singing praises. “Thank you sir, I’m so grateful. God bless you.”

“You’re a great girl. You deserve what you want.”

As the line went dead, I returned to toying with my new phone.

Dr Edu and I communicated more, over the phone after that day. He was a ‘text-er’ and we could relate on a lot of things. People all over beefed because of my new phone. The news that I had gotten the phone spread like wildfire in my circle but I told no one how I got it because I wasn’t ready for the scrutiny.


Finally, my days as a worker were over and I had made enough money to get some new clothes to start the new semester, enough friends to last me a life time and enough work experience I was grateful for.On my last day of work, the staff of the ministry of finance where I worked even treated me to dinner. I was indeed humbled.


First day in school and I was already tired and eager to get home. My friends and I were walking towards CRUTECH main gate when a black convertible drove past us.

“I always dream my husband would have that car. And on the wedding day, he’ll drive me from the church to the reception in it” I said dreamily

“Zazi the dreamer” Amanda said

“Dey dream dey go” Nkechi added

We all laughed in unison but the thought that I had seen the driver somewhere before bugged me but I pushed it away and continued walking.

“One of you needs a car and ASAP” Nkechi complained

“You nko?” I asked

“It’s better if my friends do, because I won’t need to stress myself learning to drive” She replied

“This car agai__” Amanda’s statement was cut short by the convertible swerving off the road to park right in front of us. I thought the driver probably wanted to talk, ask for directions or something else.

I kept walking because I was not interested in small talk.

“Zazi!” The driver shouted. I halted and looked back.

I was shocked to see Junior’s step-mum, coming out of the car.


15 thoughts on “The Q10 story. Episode 5.

  1. Ghen ghen! Omo! Cat fight expected. “You husbandsnatcher! You stole myhusband! Gaan find ur own” expecting all that shii. Zazi so you’re an Aristo! Loooolz!

  2. Just read all em episodes…realy cool+d writer is good! Keeps her readers on the edge…wanting more…nice one!

  3. Wow! a wonderful start and the best ending I never expected! Glad zazi finally got her Q10 but at a cost of a street fight with Jnr’s step-mom! But wtf she still gets to ping after the fight.. Great episode

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