The Q10 Story.Episode 6.

My friends gave me quizzed looks but at the scared look on my face, they stepped in front of me to face her, Mrs Edu. Their support gave me an adrenaline rush causing boldness to come out of nowhere so I stepped forward to face her myself ,who by now, was leaning on her car ever so casually.
“Good day ma” I started
“Keep your greeting to yourself!” She responded
“Rude” Amanda whispered
“How can I help you ma?” I continued
“Don’t ‘ma’ me. My name is Rita” She stated. “Since you have decided to disrespect me, invade my home and take my husband away, don’t ‘ma’ me”
“I’m confused” I stated
“Leave Stephen for me oo, Zazi or whatever your name is. The next time I have to find you, I won’t speak. I’ll act!”
“Uhm, so you came all the way to CRUTECH to warn me to leave this Stephen person?”
“You’re not that important. I school here as well”
And with that she entered her car and sped off leaving my friends and I confused.
When she had left, I gave them a run down of who she was. They made a joke out of it and I was a bit relaxed and we continued our walk to class.

Weeks after the Mrs Edu incident, school was in full buzz now and everyone was busy, one assignment or the other, one class or the other… Everything was going well. I had reduced the calls to Dr Edu trying to severe the relationship slowly but he was really nice and hard to totally dump. He kept proposing these round the world trips with me, sending chocolates and other little gifts. His driver was regularly dropping these things at mine. One time, Dr Edu said he had to go to Canada to see his daughter Daisy, spend sometime with her and help with her project. He threw in an invitation but I rejected it. To travel to a strange country with a strange married man? No be me oo!!

“Is it that you’ve been avoiding me, Zazi?!” i paused chewing and looked over my shoulder and smiled really wide.
“Sir,good evening.” i started. “No, I’m not ignoring abi avoiding you. School’s in full swing. See, it’s now I’m even coming back from school.”
“so, why didn’t you go home to eat? You like junk a lot.”
“No Dr, my roomie locked me out. she’s on her way back from her own school.”
“oh, I thought you two were school mates and course mates.”
“Neither of the two. She’s a nursing student.”
“Ok dear. Have you reconsidered the Canada proposal?”
“No sir. I am really not going with you.”
“Hmmm, I’ll go with my wife then.”
I let out a sigh and turned on my sarcasm, “oh? you’re married?”
He laughed. “Zazi, we should have lunch soon.”
I smiled as he walked away and trailed him with my eyes till he got into his car. I wasn’t familiar with this particular car. I knew he had a lot of cars but I would not have missed this one.  Audi Q7? HOW? New car, maybe?
I sighed and shook my head and resumed eating.


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