The Q10 story: Final episode.

A month after I presumed Dr Edu had gotten back, I still hadn’t heard a word from him. I got Alice to ask Junior about his dad and she said he said he was fine, been coming home early lately.

I shrugged and decided to call…

“Hello Doctor” I spoke into the receiver

“Hey Miss Red Skirt” he responded

“How are you? It’s been a while” I continued

“I’m fine, thanks” he responded

…. Noone said anything for a while….

“Okay, I just thought I should check” I said

“Thanks” he said and ended the call..



Some days later, Alice needed company as she was heading to Junior’s house. I refused but she lured me by reminding me of Abo’s food so I got dressed and hopped into the cab…

When we pulled up, the house was agog with activity. I asked Alice what was going on and she just pulled a startled me to Junior’s room.

Junior had some friends in the room, 3 dudes from his university. Alade, Tunde and Peter. All 3 were tall, dark and handsome. Alade was light skinned though. After the introductions, Alice started giggling, and it dawned on me that she was trying to set me up. Who’s to blame the girl though? I haven’t been in a serious relationship in a little over a year. Junior kept leaving the room and I forgot to ask why his house was so full.

I later did and he said “My dad oo. Said everyone should be home today. That he wants to do something so the house has been this busy since daybreak.”

“Na wa for your pops” Peter said

“Something wey we for commot. Show us a little bit of calabar. Clear yesterday’s hangover all” Alade added.

“We’ll still go out in the evening. For sure!” Junior told his friends and then left the room.


“Sorry guys! My dad wants everyone in the house in the living room now.”

Junior said cutting into our laughter. Tunde was telling the funniest jokes and stories about his childhood in Lagos.

“Huh? Us too?” I said

“Yes maam! Everyone.. Sorry about the inconvenience but it’s his house…”

We all grumbled and took our butts to the living room. It looked like an assembly. Reminded me of one. After several minutes, Dr Edu emerged from the right  wing of the  house and made a small speech, welcoming us and advising that we learn from his next actions. With a wide smile, he walked towards his wife and went down on one knee and began to speak affectionate words before he proposed to his wife, which confused me.

“…Will you marry me… Again? Rita?”

Mrs Edu looked shocked and like she was about to cry.

Its was a beautiful sight. I looked at my Q-10 and looked at the marriage proposal taking place and I smiled to myself! I may not have understood what just happened, but I felt relieved. Hopefully, our little drama had ended.

2 thoughts on “The Q10 story: Final episode.

  1. Ah ah…. I’m lost… So the story in the prologue na?…. The cat fight na?… The man just dey waka dey dash people something without getting anything in return? …..?

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