Tee’s Tipz – CROP TOPS

*clears throat*


IN the ‘Up-to-Date’ post of several days ago, you can recall that we had a featured segment. “Tee’s Tipz”. (In case you missed the UP-TO-DATE post). i think this segment will clear a lot of doubts and put everyone on the right track with trends so there basically won’t be any more excuses. So, yay Tee!  lol.  Any-who, here is Tee‘s first post…



Well, this may not be the 80’s or the 90’s and we definitely are no ‘Madonna’s but right now, crop tops are as real as err, real! Lol. ..love or hate em, these versatile pieces are definitely a must have..


Couple of years ago, the idea of crop tops coming back into fashion may have been the equivalent of leg warmers making a come back. Lol!

However, here they are, back with a vengeance so let’s rock em crazy..


Wear em tight, Wear em loose, Wear em with pencil skirts, with pleated skirts,with jeans..Whatever rocks your boat! 😀

crop top with pencil skirt

crop top with pencil skirt

Forget, the aim is to look sassy but not trashy
Cover as much of your belly as possible, preferably up to your belly button by wearing high waist bottoms(pants, shorts,or skirts)
Wear those that accentuate your best features
If you have a full upper body, avoid very bogus crops or crops that have frills


Always wear what makes u feel good, when u look good, u feel good 😀 😀

Its Tee!



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