It’s DeeAlo!!!

We would all say that music is fast becoming the order of the day. But why shouldn’t we? When it’s both entertaining and enterprising. Well, as they say, if you have a talent, make the most of it.

Now!! DeeAlo is taking centerstage. DeeAlo, who derived her stage name from her real name, Doris Alo, has just released a new and official single. She titles this one, ‘LOVE ME” This young, sophisticated girl hopes to make her way to the top and this song is a clear indicatation that she just might.

After a previous single that was a club theme song, she has further shown interest by totally ‘killing’ the beat and making this one of the best songs i’ve heard this month. i think this song is for the ladies though. The ladies that have been duped, deceived and probably jilted. Here’s to girl power. The dudes though, this song is for you too. DeeAlo wants you guys to know that girls have you all figured out. No scams…


DeeAlo is definitely headed for greatness. Just listen to this song, you’ll know that i know what i mean. 🙂

“Eh heh, baby, shai you talk say you love me… eh heh, baby, na that one you take scam me…”


Download ‘LOVE ME’ Here


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