Ladies and Gentlemen, they are ‘IN-AGE’



Every day, a new music talent is birthed. A great percent of Youths especially males are discovering their talents, hustling to make good music; some succeeding and some, well, some still make music eventually.

In this age of talent, four young guys have teamed up for the sole purpose of producing beautiful music for the good people of the world. This band is known as, “IN-AGE“. The name was carved from their plan to make evergreen music- music that’ll trend any year and anytime.

IN-AGE is an ALL Nigerian Male Quartet made up of three(3) vocalists and a Rapper OR one womanizer, one geek and two sure guys. The multi-talented individuals that make up the Group are: Donel “JAYNEL” Amba, Ebenezer “BEHNAE” Kuku, Gabriel “ALPHABETS” Ene-Ita and Mark “MARKISS” Kwame. IN-AGE writes their own songs and this affords them the room to creatively experiment with different Genres of Music ranging from, Pop-Rock to HipHop, RnB to Hi-Life, Soft Reggae to Techno and even the fast growing Afro-Pop genre. Simply put, In-age makes ‘Beautiful music’.

Alphabets is the rapper and ‘hype-man’ of the band. He describes his style of Rap as: Contemporary Rhythm And Poetry (C.R.A.P). He’s also into jazz. Behnae is the treble singer and lead vocalist of the band. This guy hides himself in his words as he presents a shy personality. He is also very much into Poetry, he likes gadgets and is most likely to be picked on by band mates who described him as the ‘sleek geek’ of the band. Markiss, the tenor singer, he is seen by his fellow band-mates as the rock star of the band. He has an amazing ear for music and he’s gat the moves to go with it. Markiss is the troublemaker in the band. Anyways, his punky attitude is tolerated by the others because, they have no choice as he is the baby of the band. Jaynel proudly describes himself as the shortest guy in the band. But, after a few seconds of conversation, one will not be wrong to see that he has a very TALL mind. He is also the alto singer and front-man of the band.

In-age has been making beautiful music together for six years. Asides music and rapping, Jaynel says, “we don’t step, we dance.”

In-age has hit several high points and several low-points as well. Band member, Alphabets said that the band has been able to grow a strong bond because of the zeal they, as individuals, have for the music and the band has been able to make life changing decisions  for the progress of the band despite personal and general issues. Behnae says that personal, family and general crisis have hit the band and thrown it off balance severally but beyond all these, they have struggled to stay together and aim for the top. “We were a group before we became a band. We never compromise…” says Behnae.

In-Age dreams of taking their music to the world stage like the likes of The Backstreet boys, Boiz II men, the more recent One Direction and Big Time Rush. In other words, they aspire to be another window through which the world looks at African/Nigerian music.

In-Age is not just a band; In-Age is a pinnacle of music. The band bends to all genres of music and the guys successfully channel their different interests into one unit to make sure their music fits every mood, time and weather. The band’s music is food for the soul. In-Age’s music is Beautiful Bliss Music (B.B.M).

In 2012, the band released their first official single titled, “KI NI IFE?”. The song was produced by Mebiloz Tuchiez of the MossDef Studio, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. This song which received warm reviews was a vivid sign that In-Age had something different and spectacular to bring to the music industry. The band was inspired to write this song when a band mate suffered a heart break. They decided that it would be fun to make money off his miserable love life.

Now, the band has released a new single. When I heard the song in the studio, I was sure that it would be a hit. I mean, who doesn’t love to MOVE? I don’t wanna say much though, just download the song and tell me I was right. It’s everything in one. Fun! Exciting! And MOVE-ing.. yes! The song’s titled “MOVE”.

Download ‘MOVE’ Here

If you love music and you don’t love In-Age, please, re-define love.




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