Tee’s Tipz – Ankara Fever


African print material can be worn in different ways. More and more people are getting them and wearing them daily. They’re making them into comfortable outfits and not just the usual sunday sunday wears…


Here’s ‘Tee’s tips’ on Ankara…

ankara_aliciakeysankara jumpsuit


‘Its a new era in fashion-there are no rules’_ Alexander Mc Queen.
I couldn’t possibly not do a post on Ankara!

Far behind us are the days when we thought about our grandmothers, lol, when we heard Ankara.. Recently, it has taken a massive leap from the streets of West Africa to red carpets, runways, and videos..


Having evolved from being particularly African to a global trend, this fashion hit is glamorous and excellently fabulous!

This here is something for everyone: from the ‘chique’ and sophisticated girl, to the down-to-earth and regular girl!!!! 😀 Annnnnnnd, it gets even more fabulous, now we can have fun mixing and matching Ankara prints.. Contrary to the ‘fashion blunder’ it once was,mixing prints have come back and it is back with an unrivalled boldness…




So, unleash your inner freak 😉 and work it baybe 😀

Plenty of inspiration from celebrities like Beyonce, Fergie, Alicia Keys and Solange! I mean, you can’t talk Ankara without Solange 😀
HOWEVER,remember to;
Balance large prints with small prints and find a common colour in each print so that there is a connection between the pieces.

Use neutrals in accessories like belts and handbags and shoes.


It’s okay to use different colours of the same print.
It’s also okay to mix Ankara with lace, all time favourite! Or you can go Western with polka dots ans stripes!
Right now, everything you thought was wrong is GOLDEN!

Its, Tee 😀

Sandra Itu (LeyiUsh Fashion Styling)

Sandra Itu (LeyiUsh Fashion Styling)


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