BadAss Photographer: Wale Adenuga.

Happy independence day people. Nigeria’s 53 years old. ASUU strike is still on, though. it’s not like today’s counted out. Hehe, sorry for reminding you.. lol. you can’t beat me. No, you can’t. 😛

YES! It’s a new month! October! This year is almost done. Thank God.

To today’s interview. Chakie actually started following him on twitter and we got hooked. We even secretly planned to go for one shoot he advertised on twitter last year, i think… but we didn’t. Don’t ask why.  But, he’ll definitely be here for Chakie’s wedding, that’s for sure. Lol

Anyway.. He’s badass! i believe he’s great at everything he does. He’s fun, i mean, i didn’t have to meet him for this interview but when i was reading through it, i felt as though he was right in-front of me. That’s extra-ordinary mehn!! His name is WALE ADENUGA. NO, not the Super story one, not GLO either.  This Adenuga’s a Baddass photographer.

Wale Adenuga Eja Nla

Wale Adenuga Eja Nla

  • A Brief introduction (Family, Education, Social life, Work, e.t.c)

WA:  I am Wale Adenuga, first born of an Adenuga, graduate of Covenant University with Honors in Building Technology, and atm undergoing a Master’s Program. My Social Life? Ermm……It’s Super Fun! And Work is like Play.

  • What do you do? For how long?

WA: I am a creative Portrait and Event Professional Photographer, for Wale Adenuga Photography, (I am Wale Adenuga, by the way) Yeske! Eja Nla lomo! And I have been shooting people…*lol*…for about 4 years now and I also run a Modelling agency under the same company, known as WA models, and more…

  • What do you think about the fashion culture in Nigeria?

WA: err….Fashion Culture? Hmmnn……I feel we lack Serious Trend Starters, we’ve only got a few out there, African Fashion is Amazing none-the-less, and I think Nigeria stands as the gang leader, does that make sense? *moving on*


  • How fashion conscious are you?

WA: Me ke? Zero!!!! Lol…ok, let me be serious, am that guy that wears what he feels like wearing, don’t really care what people think, or what the current trend is…once I put my fila and my ile ke on, wetin remain again? But I do always try to stay sharp… *puts on shades* hahahaha.

  • What are the extra efforts you put in to stay on top of your game?

WA: Creative! Plain and simple, you can’t always follow what every Tom, Dick, Harry, Bolanle and Shola are doing out there, be you, and do it in your own way…trust me, it’s worked.

  • What challenges have you encountered so far?

WA: Ah! Wait! This question is vague o! Challenges plenty na, ok I’m going to assume you mean in Photography, ok…ermm, challenges, hmmmnn…Emi Eja Nla, we don’t encounter challenges tho, when Oluwa is involved, lol……ok but in Nigeria, not a lot of people give professional photographers due credit based on the amount of quality they bring, I feel clients or people need to recognise that this isn’t a child’s play, Photography is serious business, and there’s more to it than snapping photos….it’s Professional, especially when u see the quality these photogs r producing, they should be paid as a professionals.

BB_WA_ABJ Trips_IMG_3458-2

  • What has been your lowest point so far?

WA: Ah! Lowest Point, I took a break from photography for a couple of months, I nearly went crazy, *lol*…won’t be happening again….I hope.

  • What has been your highest point so far?

WA: Highest ke? E still dey come na! Oh! Has… Ok…..hmmmm…let me not say, but let’s say it made my bank account smile.

  • Has this always been your dream? OR would you rather be doing something else? (If yes, what?)

WA:err……we’ve all had dreams, when I was small I wanted to be a pilot, later a computer Engineer, later an Archictect, today am a Building technology Graduate, and I shoot people for a living and I Manage Models….loool….you see my life! So, life is pretty much about you discovering yourself, At the moment, I feel I am still discovering….there are other dreams that I have, related to building and community contribution, a Model Magazine, et more bigger Projects, so watch out for me, I’m a Dynamite waiting to explode!  

this birthday cake shaa..

this birthday cake shaa..


  • Generally, how has it been so far? (work)

WA: Its been fun! There have been ups and downs.  Success isn’t a straight road, but with God, i will get there!

  • What’s your typical day like?

WA: Ah! I sleep 4am to 10am, lol….Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me finish, I wake up around 10am (depending on what I did last night), leave the house for photo-shoot, sometime in the afternoon, I find something to eat, beat the traffic to get home? Around 7-9pm I’m back at the house, disturb my gf a bit, lol…you have to give your attention na, by 10pm I start my post-production work, I edit from 11pm till 4am-5am in the morning, then I go to sleep…weird abi? Trust me, it’s better than 8am-5pm, *lol*

  • What designer labels do you patronize the most?

WA: Ah!!!! Me I’m African o! No Loubou, diors n tinz. I rock our own Naija designers, but you wanna hear the cool part? I get them all for free…lol, just imagine every fashion shoot you’ve seen in my portfolio, I’ve got at least 3-5 outfits from them, but I Like Kobo Fashion tees though, got so many, Instinct Wears et al.

  • How did you get your first camera?

WA: I bought it out of anger, because no one was professional enough to help us take photos for a magazine I started back in school, so I thought, ‘you know what, I will gaan buy my own camera’ *loool*…to think that was the amazing start of a Great future, *lool*…. Think my mum helped me out with the payment back in 2008, it was a ‘Point n Shoot’, can’t remember the name, but I loved it.


  • Which is your favorite camera?

WA: Ah! My current camera is a Canon 7D, so it’s my fav, planning to upgrade to a New fav, maybe a 5D or a 1DC or 1DX, don’t worry, just Google them.*winks*

  •  Your first photo-shoot?

WA: *loool*  Took 8 hrs long, to shoot, it was for a magazine that another student was running back in school, and he came to my room one night to see my photos, and he was stunned by what he saw, but I was paid for it, a lot, thanks to my Manager, aka 47;  @47tweets, yup! He advised me on how to bill et al, and to think we were still undergraduates then o, and we already started business. That was in 2009, after I got my first DSLR, it was a canon T1i

  • Your favorite photo-shoot

WA: The Abuja photo-shoot with Sir Timmy Photog Studios, it was recently, and it was a Blast! Models yapa full ground!!! Think we shot 20 models in 2 days, it was fun!  

WA model

WA model

  • What’s the most expensive item in your wardrobe

WA: my canon 7D, dazal

  • What’s the most treasured item?

WA: I don’t know o, treasured ke? All are vanity na, bt let me say my 7D

  • Where would you consider the fashion capital of Nigeria?

WA: LasGidi mayn!!!! Ain’t no place better!

  • Which fashion trend would you love to end if given the chance?

WA: the Jalabia trend, I feel it’s pointless….

  • Are you in a relationship?

WA: be like say I don answer this question on top already, but for the record, Yes, I am in a relationship, her name is Dami….Google the rest *winks*

  • What do you see yourself doing in the next five years?

WA: A lot; married (maybe), CEO to a lot of companies. Successful and some I can’t share now, but you will need me….Finally!!!


  • Any last words?

WA: WA is Eja Nla! Finally! Loool….I’m an open person, feel free to contact me for business or ideas.

and, that’s a wrap! do you agree with me? Well, you don’t have to really.

To contact Wale Adenuga:


Wale Adenuga

Wale Adenuga


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