Lashakara: THE Spotlight. Here’s the Celebrity Slum book!

Halloz! A lot of people want to know who these celebrities that we’ve been going on about are.  Well, well, we aim to please as always. So, OB has compiled an exclusive list  of the celebrities that would be hitting the runway and receiving honorary awards of excellence. sounds too exciting!! 🙂 Some of the celebrities that you’d expect to see would also include;  Diana-Mary, Hillary Bissong, Akamba, Tutu Ekeng, Geraldine Itoe, Eyo Ita and the list goes on… yes!

Main adds from tomorrow


  • LaEstel


  • Educational Background: Graduate of Dept. Of English and Literary Studies. She also has 4 certificates in make-up artistry.
  • Job: Beauty artist. (She does, teaches and sells make-up). Estel runs a ‘LaEstel Beauty Lounge and is opening the 1st exclusive make-up boutique/make-up academy in CRS soon on Marian.
  • Passion: she’s obsessed about make-up, anything that makes a lady beautiful and also raising a generation of young and skilled women.
  • Word of advice: Get out of your comfort zone and work. Get skilled at what you’re passionate about and work because your hands are going to bring you wealth.


  • Double E

    Double E

    Full name: Effiong Asuquo Ekpenyong

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Mass Communication, CRUTECH. Associate member of Nigerian Inst. Of Public Relations.
  • Job: On-air media personality; Tv/radio, compere to the CRS Govt., voice-over artist and Media consultant.
  • Passion: the aim for self-realisation knowing that I love what I do and I do what I love.
  • Word of Advice: Don’t go broke trying to look rich, act your wage and let hard work pay your bills.

Steve Xposure!

  • steve xposure

    steve xposure

    Full name: Stephen David

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Banking and Finance, University of Calabar.
  • Job: I’m a photographer. I ‘shoot’ people for a living.
  • Passion: Creative arts.
  • Advice: Whatever you do, try and do it well and someday, somehow, God will surely visit you.

Ejike (Geni sms)

  • Ejike


    Full name: Ejike Mark Chukwunyere

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Computer Science, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Entrepreneur
  • Passion: to create a world class, state-of-the-art ICT solution for mankind.
  • Advice: Any area you find yourself, keep being consistent in what you do. Seek God first and be humble. The sky will only be your beginning.

Victor Edet

  • Victor Edet

    Victor Edet

    Full name: Victor David Edet

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Elect-Elect, CRUTECH
  • Job: sound Engineer (Studio production. Sound and light)
  • Passion: Music, raising talents.
  • Advice: Discover your purpose. Pursue it!


  • Nomzy J

    Nomzy J

    Full name: Chinonso Nwanah

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Computer engineering, Lagos state University. Certified Network professional from CISCO.
  • Job: I’m a network professional and also an entertainment marketer/promoter. I’m the owner of the fastest growing Online radio-
  • Passion: Computers and music
  • Advice: stay honest at all times whilst keeping your heads up, nothing is impossible. Stand up to any challenge but be wise to walk away from temptations.


  • Snowhite


    Full name: Precious Sonia Chikwendu

  • Educational Background: I attended Makurdi Int. School and Ecwa secondary school both in Benue state. Then, I proceeded to the University for my tertiary education.
  • Job: I’m a consultant to star Advantage Company, Calabar. Director, Snow&Said Company, Snow blocks and bricks, a model and an actress.
  • Passion: I’m a realistic and practical person so; my passion lies in being able to put a smile on the faces of as many as I can; looking forward to being blessed to be able to bless the world.
  • Advice: Set a goal, believe in yourself, and go get it!




    Full name: Sophia Chidinma Dijeh

  • Educational background: Auntie Margaret Int. Nur/Pri School, University of Calabar Secondary School, Federal Govt. Girls’ College, Calabar, University of Calabar.
  • Job: 400l student of Theatre and Media studies, Miss UNICAL, Carnival Calabar Queen 2012/13, Face of MACA and Tourism Ambassador of CRS.
  • Passion: I have a passion for girl child development, technical arts (lighting) and catering.
  • Advice: First, be humble and you will certainly be exalted. Secondly, give and you will receive. These have kept me going.

Alexx Ekubo!



    Full name: Alexx Ekubo-Okwaraeke

  • Educational Background: Diploma in Mass Comm., Calabar Polytechnic (now CRUTECH). Graduate of Law, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Actor/Model
  • Best of Nollywood Awards- Most Promising Act for 2012.

Aniferaz signature!

  • Anifera


    Full name: Aniekan Jeremiah Akpe

  • Educational background: Graduate of Microbiology, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Fashion Designer/ Stylist
  • Passion: styling and creating a trendy, colourful and edgy brand for a fashionable man.
  • Advice: First, be sure of your passion. Ensure you put your best into it and don’t stop dreaming until you see yourself living in that dream.


  • Bessie (Uyai)

    Bessie (Uyai)

    Full name: Bessie Nkanu

  • Educational background: Graduate of Policy studies and Administration
  • Job: Makeup artist and bridal consultant. I am the current CEO and founder of Uyai Bridal ‘n’ makeovers.
  • Passion: realizing my vision of building a one-stop bridal shop where all the needs of a bride-to-be are catered for.


  • Denrenle


    Full name: Denrenle Edun

  • Educational Background: Graduate of English Education, University of Lagos.
  • Unusual fact: The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to scream.

Frank Ekpo!

  • Francis Ekpo

    Francis Ekpo

    Full name: Francis Ekpo

  • Educational background: Masters degree in Psychology.
  • Job: Manufacturing, banking and public service
  • Passion: Leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Advice: Resources are limited but creativity is unlimited, so be creative, folks,

Digital Chair!

  • Full name: Eric Anderson
  • Educational Background: Graduate of Theatre Arts, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Actor, Director, Producer and presently, Actors’ Guild of Nigeria, CRS chapter and executive director of Cross River Movie Awards.
  • Passion: solely for movie making.
  • Advice: Constant prayers. Also, I need your prayers to get the best out of me (us). Thanks.

Last Prophet!

  • LAst prophet

    LAst prophet

    Full name: Awade Friday.

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Educational technology, University of Calabar.
  • Job: I’m an emcee, a comedian, entrepreneur, an event manager and artiste manager.
  • Passion: Making people happy and satisfying my clients.
  • Advice: Do all you can to be the real you and strive to be the change you desire in your daily endeavour and chosen career.

Roby Ekpo!

  • Roby


    Full name: Robert Ekpo

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Radiography, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Self-employed.
  • Passion: Music, Fashion, entertainment in general.
  • Advice: Believe in yourself and your abilities and chase your dreams.

Mc Mbakara!

  • Mc Mbakara

    Mc Mbakara

    Full name: Aya, Aya K.

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Biochemistry, University of Calabar
  • Job: Entertainer, comedian to be precise. I’m also an event consultant plus, a businessman.
  • Passion: To make people happy. So, I do all I can to make my world laugh, even in the face of difficulties.
  • Advice: To my esteemed audience, abeg una, support showbiz!


  • Obi


    Full name: Obieze Nwosu

  • Educational background: Graduate of Computer Science, University of Calabar.
  • Job: Manager, Value Mart.
  • Passion: Politics in view
  • Advice: follow your dreams through. Do it and do it well at the right time, the reward will surely come. Don’t expect reward now, go for it. Your conscience is your best adviser.

Eki John!

  • Eki John

    Eki John

    Full name: Eki John

  • Educational background: B. Sc (Hons) Biochemistry.
  • Job: Manufacturers’ representative. Executive sales rep for an array of brands.
  • Passion: Human empowerment. Giving people an affordable lifestyle. Creating opportunities for the hopeless.
  • Advice: Focus! Never moderate your needs.

Dj Spin!

  • dj spin

    dj spin

    Full name: Boco, Emmanuel James

  • Edu. Background: Graduate of Economics, University of Calabar
  • Job: professional Disc Jockey
  • Passion: Music, fun
  • Advice: Do what you love and NOT the other way round.

Ette Finger Lickin’

  • Full name: Ette Kufre Assam
  • Job: Chef and Bartender; Caterer
  • Passion: Making events memorable.


  • Sandra Itu (LeyiUsh Fashion Styling)

    Sandra Itu (LeyiUsh Fashion Styling)

    Full name: Sandra Uleyi Itu

  • Edu. Background: Graduate of Social Works, University of Calabar.
  • Certified fashion stylist from University of Arts, London College of Fashion and Los Angeles school of style, California.


  • Queeneth


    Full name: Queeneth Effiom Orok

  • Edu. Background: B. Sc Computer Science
  • Job: C.E.O of Queenly Kiddies Makeover. We specialize in kiddies hair from ages 3months-Pre-teens.
  • Passion: I’m very passionate about my work and my greatest desire is to learn more about child psychology, their passion and ability to inspire youths.
  • Advice: I have studied the lives of great men and famous women and found that the people who got there were the ones that did the jobs they had in hand with everything they had in hand with energy and enthusiasm and hard work. As a role model, I believe in recovery and I have the responsibility to let the young people know that you can make it in life despite your mistakes because nothing arouses ambition so much as the triumphant clang of another’s fame.


  • Akeem


    Full name: Akeem Ibraheem

  • Educational background: National Diploma from Niger State Polytechnic Zungeru, Minna.
  • Job: I’m a businessman and manager of one of the best night clubs in Calabar.
  • Passion: Music, helping those in need and I love pretty girls.
  • Advice: Keep your head up, make sure you are always at the top of your game. The world does not celebrate the 2nd man. Aim higher and always remember there is only one God.

 Koko (CBB)

  • koko n mbia

    koko n mbia

    Full name: Ekeng KOKO Henshaw

  • Edu. Background: Graduate of Accounting, University of Port Harcourt. I’m now a chartered accountant (CPA) and also a chartered marketer (NMIN)
  • Job: Business Consultant and I’m also into real estate.
  • Passion: Comradeship and chivalry
  • Advice: Always have faith and trust in God in anything you do


  • Akamba


    Full name: Effiom Otu Effiwatt

  • Educational Backgraound: B. Sc(Mgt) and Masters in Business Administration, Unical.
  • Passion: sports, Politics and working with young people.
  • Job: Head, Admin& Human Resources, Corporate Affairs Commission, Calabar
  • Advice: Hard work, due diligence and consistency always leads to success. Philosophy: When preparation meets opportunity, some will call it LUCK!


  • Tutu Ekeng

    Tutu Ekeng

    Full name: Rosemary Tutu Ekeng

  • Graduate of Fields Academy business school
  • Runs a support group for Diabetics. Runs a charity in honour of her late mother, Her Excellency, Lady Cecilia Ekpenyong.
  • She’s an entrepreneur and politician.
  • Passionate about business, helping and mentoring people, charity work and food
  • Advice: Never stop dreaming because anything, anything at all is possible.


  • Geraldine


    Full name: Geraldine Itoe

  • Graduate of University of Calabar
  • CEO NovaRosta Nigeria


  • Kattie Jeri

    Kattie Jeri

    Full name: Kate Effiong

  • Educational Background: Graduate of Sociology, University of Calabar
  • Job: I’m presently working with an NGO called Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria. (1st Miss Channel View, 1st face of tourism CRS, now face of Tourism Nigeria, done a lot of fashion shows with some big names, etc)
  • Passion: Social development
  • Advice: Don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t make it’. Give it a try and tomorrow will be smiling at your today.






Eyo ITa

Eyo ITa




Be sure to get a ticket, be on time, fraternize, get a comfortable seat, sit back and watch this event happen right before you eyes. it’s going to be epic!!! EPIC, i say!!!



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