The Spotlight: Event RECAP!

…This post has been delayed because of the un-availability of pictures for now… the pictures will be posted as soon as the photo editors are done…  OB sincerely apologizes.

Some of the Celebrities during the award ceremony

Some of the Celebrities during the award ceremony

 The SPOTLIGHT! Spotlight spotlight spootliihhggtt!!!

It has finally come and gone and all who were there can testify that it was a huge success! The Cultural Centre Main Bowl was filled to its capacity. Now that’s not something that you see every day, is it? To think this was a Fashion event. Calabar definitely did not see this coming! Thank you all for turning up!

Big ups to TEAM SHAKARA- the ones behind it all: The ones who have worked hard to plan probably the biggest show this year in CALABAR. WELL DONE!

Before I thank everyone and miss the aim of this post, let me help those who came late or didn’t show up at all with a quick review of what you missed.(cz I’m nice like that *wink*)

Joe Edet, CEO, Lashakara wears and branding, is a Calabar Designer and a remarkable entrepreneur. On the 13th of October, 2013, over a thousand people assembled in the main bowl of the Cultural Centre to witness what has easily become the biggest event of the year in Cross river State. “The Spotlight” was just a glimmer in the CEO’s eye early this year but after the unprecedented success the show recorded, I’m almost certain he and the entire Team Shakara were glad it was a reality.

The event that was to start at 5 pm ended up starting at about 7pm due to the Calabar Carnival Dry run and the wincheous rain. It kicked off with an opening prayer by the emcee, Elder Josiah after which the co-MC, EL Tv’s Ekeng Bassey was introduced. The Spotlight was a fun-packed event. Highlights of the event included the grand finale of the Ambassadors of Lashakara contest, the fashion show proper, the celebrity runway and presentation of awards of excellence to the deserving persons.

Several music and dance acts also took to the stage some of which were, T-shawn, Absolute salsa, Real pee and spirit of David. The absolute salsa duo put up an amazing performance of salsa that had the crowd rendering resounding rounds of applause .

The professional models strutted the runway with such grace and confidence modelling the breathtaking outfits of the likes of Colours by Dada, Dilem Designs, Stylish Desire, kokoRomeo and Awuklin.

LaShakara SpotLight(Blog)-5 LaShakara SpotLight(Blog)-6(1)

The Ambassadors of Lashakara contestants were quite aware that amid the fun and excitement, they were still gunning for the victory crown and as such they didn’t hesitate to bring their A-game.

As the show approached its climax, the celebrities took to the stage. This was, to me, the most exciting part of the event. It was everything from fun to hilarious to exciting and classy. The young entrepreneurs all looked like they were having fun as they walked down the runway with his/her own style. The eye candy of the show and celebrity runway, Alexx Ekubo was first in line. His beautiful smile, professional model charisma and his very impressive ‘skelewu’ and ‘etighi’ dances aroused the crowd which responded with shouts and screams. The ‘funny men’ brought the real fun to the runway. Another remarkable celebrity model was Ejike, CEO GEniTech. He thrilled the crowd with some stunts as he signed out. Hilarious but impressive!

LaShakara getting his award

LaShakara getting his award

LaShakara SpotLight(Blog)-2

The presentation of awards was anchored by the CEO of Beken and Fort, Nigeria, Mr John Bassey. The award ceremony was both inspirational and motivating. As the celebrities were called up to the stage to receive their awards of excellence, there were all smiles and their sense of accomplishment was evident. Perhaps, the biggest award of excellence went to the mother of the host, Mrs Vivian Edet. She is a blessed mother indeed.

Things got a bit emotional when Mr. Friday Awade (Last Prophet) offered his award to his friend and according to him, the man behind his success, ‘Mr Slaishows’ stating that he deserved it better. It was truly touching.


Team SHAKARA etc 🙂

The event was gradually coming to an end. While they left the tension of the contestants to build and the judges contemplated what to make of the seemingly stiff competition, the brains behind the whole event-Team Shakara came up to the stage for the vote of thanks. They further went on to thrill the crowd with some more ‘skelewu’ where Miss Ann Davis won the award for best dancer in team shakara.

Without further ado, the winners were announced. Contestants 24 and 26 emerged overall winners and became the ambassadors of Lashakara. Big ups!

Yes! The show ended at that height. The After party was definitely a turn up as well! Mayfair things!

The Spotlight was not only remarkable but all the more memorable. You wish    you were there, don’t you?

Here are some testimonies from people who attended the show:

  • John Bassey (CEO, Beken and Fort Nigeria and M.D, Habitaire furniture)- “The spotlight was fantastic! And a great platform for CRS fashion industry. It’s a package suitable for international recognition.”
  • Victor Edet: “ it was explosive, mind blowing, captivating and to think that it was his first is simply amazing. I’m proud of you guys. God’s your muscle”
  • Alexx Ekubo- “it was amazing and mind-blowing. The show was bigger than I expected.”
  • Frank Ekpo- “you guys had a really great show!”
  • Absolute Salsa: “Lashakara is truly blessed. The Spotlight sold out as the Main bowl was filled to its capacity.”
  • Ebonylive crew: “Wow! The show was BIG! To cap it all up, the show has the reputation of being the biggest celebrity fashion show of the south south!”
  • Zon: “A high point of the event for me is when that model fell off the stage. The event was cool.”
  •  AkayBrizzle- “I can rate it as a proper fashion show judging from the others I’ve attended and watched on T.v. The models were good. The organization was spontaneous, I don’t know if that was all planned. But it was a good show though. People turned out.”
  • Hillary Bissong (PA to the Governor on student affairs) – “the event was mind blowing and world class. Tourism in the state has helped develop entertainment in the state such that a young enterprising company can put together such an astonishing and excellent event. Some of the after-effect of the annual Christmas festival.”

A comprehensive list of the winners will be posted with pictures in the follow up blog posts… WATCH THIS SPACE!


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