Tee’s Tipz: Aztec Fashion


As you know, the aztec fashion has been around for a while. Not many have keyed into it though but i feel it’s really cool and classy, we should all try it.  yes! both dudes and babes.


Here’s Tee, making it all the more worth trying….



Maybe its the 2012 Mayan scare, or our usual crave for ‘something old’, anyhow, Aztec has become the style du jour.


These prints can be traced back to the Central American Indian people, who lived in Central and Southern Mexico in the 14th and 16th centuries…
They are known for their daring color combinations, strong shapes like triangles and circles..


Now,before I bore u with history deets, here is how to look ooomph with these adorable prints,,


1 Pair aztec with denim and aztec clutch in bold colors,not to match,but to add color to your outfit.Aztec 2

2 Mix with other textures such as chiffon.

3 Add a splash of color (bright colored garment or neon) on monochrome aztec print.

4 Pair aztec dress with a plain jacket for an easy understated look!7051115603_5ccee0b4f0

* Mix and match aztec prints and colors, but balance bright colors with subtle,pale or neutral colors.


The high street has a lot to offer! From dresses,to shorts,accessories(including bags and shoes) and even nail arts!..

Have fun!


Wear what makes you feel good, when u feel good, you look super dapper good! 😀


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