Presenting HealthMobile: For health tips on-the-go.


We all know the popular saying, ‘Health is wealth’. It is not new. It is not overrated. It is the truth.

Healthcare delivery around the globe is taking a new technological twist and it is refreshing to know that Africa is not getting left behind. In this generation of smartphones and high internet connectivity, we all deserve better access to healthcare information from the ease of our mobile phones to better manage our health and make better-informed lifestyle choices. Healthcare data and trends are a big part of proper personal, social and big healthcare delivery.

The good news is that the much anticipated HealthMobile phone app is now available for download having launched officially on 21st October at the Tinapa Business Resort, and the company behind it are set to exceed expectations by making the content not only global, but personal, social and big.

HealthMobile is the second mobile phone application of the HealthBook Project. The initiative of creating a cross platform full feature app was founded by Joshua Ihejiamaizu and Johnson Okorie who are co-owners of NIXIT, the company directly responsible for managing HealthMobile.

The app in the long term will seek to combine native medical information with user-generated content to create a top web healthcare facility through which healthcare delivery can be made possible from any location, with or without the physical presence of a doctor. The content of the app is also geared towards helping doctors get smarter and ease the workload attached to their jobs. Simply put, HealthMobile is the layman’s ‘mobile’ first aid kit.


HealthMobile provides several categories;

  • Health Topics/Information-Health News focusing on various categories important to you,
  • Food/Diet information for Lifestyle Planning- This catergory is a personal favourite. You get  data on food and recipes, recommened exercise plans that best suits you, etc.  IMG-20130909-WA0002
  • Hospital Locator service for finding the nearest hospital around you,
  • Drugs/Supplements information which might/should be strictly for the doctors. (No need to give yourself headache by going to read what you probably wouldn’t understand, lol.)
  • First Aid Information and videos to make things easier.

HealthMobile is fun, educative, helpful and exciting all at once. I really don’t see how you can go wrong with this app.

There are over 800,000 food recipes, 24,000 drugs supplements, 40 first aid conditions and videos. HealthMobile is your go-to app for all sorts of health related issues. The HealthMobile app is by far the most awesome app of 2013 for me because I know that its essence cannot be over-emphasized. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and see for yourself!


hospital locator

hospital locator


The app is available for Android users. NIXIT promises that this app will be available on other devices soon. Watch this space!!!

Click here to download the app or search for ‘HealthMobile’ on the google PlayStore.



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