How to get that Calabar girl and KEEP her


Here’s one for the guys….
Ever wondered what you were doing wrong and missing out on all the beautiful girls while someone you’re obviously cuter than was attracting them like a chic-magnet. It might just be your hot breath and can be solved by mints. Yes that easy!
Most girls notice these few things and they draw her to you:
1. Deodorant, soap, perfume : These are key essentials, before you walk up to her, smell nice… Trust me she’ll smell you before ย she even sees you.
2. Toothpaste, breath mints or even breath spray : They can’t cure halitosis but it sure can help. Fresh breath, clean teeth and you’ll have her leaning in for that kiss.
3. Shoes: I personally judge boys from their shoes. If you try too hard, I’ll know. If you don’t, I’ll still know. Shoes never lie, they tell us a lot about you.
4. Never walk up to a girl you don’t know just to win a bet: Never! Even if you are ‘Theo Walcott’ It makes her feel cheap because in 10mins of talking to her, she’ll figure it out.
5. Bonus: Never underrate a girl’s intuition… You’d be damned.
6. Her friends: Be nice and friendly to the friend(s) especially the bestie don’t try to take his/her place cause they won’t try to take yours.

That was OurBlogazine’s take.. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here’s what 10 Calie girls had to say on the matter so you don’t just have only our opinion

I think its quite easy to find and keep a calabar girl. All a guy needs is time on his hands, potential, and a good sense of humour. Most girls want to be assured that they won’t be thrown off balance in as little as a conversation or in as much as a life-long commitment.

Well, number 1; The guy should be real, be himself. No fake-ness!
Number 2; Treat her right!

Firstly he should get rid of the “she’s a calabar girl” mentality (that’s if he has one) because this may interfere with his relationship with her as an individual due to expectations of the so called “calabar girl’s traits” both negative and positive. In other words he should approach her with a tabula rasa kind of mind.

He should be rich and able to spend at will
He should have a car
Must have good dress sense

For me, have a nice attitude and show her love and care. Many calabar girls have soft hearts so don’t hurt them or take them for granted.

Well for me, its simple no matter what you hear about a calabar girl, when you want one, throw it all out and get to know the girl.
Be honest and show her you actually respect, trust and love her not saying it but showing it plus it does help to actually be good in bed ๐Ÿ˜€ >=)
Just show her appreciation cause no matter the century calabar girls are trained to be wives so don’t take that for granted and you have her.

Mfon A.
1) Born again
2) Presentable…includes, cuteness,neatness, at least taller than me, killing scent, Fashion sense: he must not necessarily be a fashionista but should at least be able to properly combine colors, should know that check shirts shouldn’t be worn with striped pants (hehehehe)
3) Uhhh personally… I like a man who can singgggg
4) He should have clearly defined goals and a tentative time frame for accomplishing each goal.
5) Of course spontaneity and intelligence, he doesn’t have to be a human encyclopedia but should have the ability to maneuver his way around common words and their meanings
6)It would be an added advantage for him to be in constant touch with his inner child through a liking for cartoons, poetry, rhymes and music.
7) He should be sensitive and groomed enough to have respect for the women folk.
8) It wouldn’t be too much to expect that he has a nodding acquaintance with gadgets and mobile devices, I’m not saying he should be a geek but, it wouldn’t hurt if he were.
9)My dude must not be a hunk, six-pack and all its trimmings but not to be in a good physical form would certainly be a turn offX_X
10) I don’t want to sound materialistic but he should give gifts ;), at least have a car/cab he always has access to.
11) Hehe…in the end…I’ll say any presentable, kind, caring guy can have my heart…car or not. Money or not. Just be born again. And have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of energy ย ๐Ÿ˜‰ if you know what I mean

Give her whatever she wants whether money or your time.. Respect her, have a car and be ready to drive her around whenever she wants

Two aspects of “that calabar girl” : The cash girl and d smart girl.
Smart girl: he must be hard working, responsible,have prospects,be ready to familiarize himself with friends and family, generally futuristic thinking.
Cash girl: his social status and how much he has
Both expect their guys to be givers. One constant they share.

If you’re looking to get and keep that ‘calabar girl’ of your dreams, then this is for you…To sweep a calabar girl off her feet, you have to be good looking. Good looking enough 4 her to be able to show you off to her friends n frenemies and not just in the bedroom(lol)… No dissing the brothers who are not blessed with good looks… You could still back it up with a very nice diction and clean up very nicely;) …Calabar girls are clean females and so to meet their expectations n get yourself to the top of the long list of guys waiting to b picked? You have to cleanup nice! Not talking about wizkid wannabes thoX_X … We like them mature ;;).. Calabar girls are fashion freaks… So they don’t mind spending so much to keep up with the trends and take care of their bodies as they love to look good and do plenty shakara which they might have inherited from their great grand mothers ๐Ÿ˜€ ย As they say, looking good is good business ๐Ÿ˜‰
Apart from being kind, nice, loving, caring and sweet, you have to be wiling to SPEND, Because this responsibility might as well be transferred to you wen you eventually get picked!
Please no Cliche poems, rhymes or flowers(lol) you can as well give us d money lol…
We love God fearing guys and we also love them BAD X_X
Now when you’ve got all these in check, calm down, that’s not the end, you still have to put some extra effort to keep her! Calabar girls believe in continuing with the things you did to get her in the 1st place or you might as well loose her to someone else who’s willing.
Now is the time to make that phone call like 4-5 times everyday and spice it up with text messages reassuring her of your undying love and reminding her how beautiful she is or how you still find her very attractive.
Show her off to your friends and make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world…
SPOIL HER-shopping, shawarma, isiewu joint, fish, etc and satisfy her every desire*winkz* and she’ll return d favor, of course you know what they say about Cali gurlz*wink* and she’ll also be sure to bless your stomach with good food… You know what they say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” ย you’ll b dying to take her to the altar…loolz… ๐Ÿ˜€

So there you have it guys most girls don’t want to “chop your money” some just want a comfy car with ac if you stick to these rules you’ll be walking down the aisle with a pretty “calie girl”


19 thoughts on “How to get that Calabar girl and KEEP her

  1. Beautifull piece! In my opinion, the ‘calabar girls’ were even more honest than the blogger. Especially the ones that mentioned the two keywords – Car and Cash.

  2. Jst like i always tell my friends #by deir shoes u shall know em.. Pls pls bois learn to spend.. Errthng good needs good maintenance.. Respect a calabar girl.. Nd dnt live with dat “usual calabar girl mentality”.. Be real… Ah be super cute.. Pls be cute..pls nigga jst b cute… It wunt be bad if she become a permanent nd d real front seat occupant… Again spend… And all other good thngs shall b added unto u nd her…

  3. In other words (if what I read above comes in)… if you’re not a pocket money kid like most ‘calabar boys’ wait till you have a GOOD INCOME FLOW before going for a ‘calabar girl’ and you just MIGHT get a keeper.
    [:'( no hope for we up and coming future billionaires for now sha]

    • Lol, if u are upcoming, you can always have a Drake situation, ‘started from the bottom…and now, you’re headed for the altar…’ lol. Applys to all though. Thanks, ete-mbre

  4. This is crazy chalie..! What did I just read? Dudes don’t mind these girls oh make conji no kill u because u dey try live upto the standards on this piece. This is pure fallacy ad buculum. 3 simple steps in getting a girl whether calabar or Kano; Be real, Be Smart, Be funny! And aha! DONT BE BROKE!

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