Giveaway day one!


Hey hey hey! It’s …..
If you know what comes next, you’re a G!
Okay! So, it’s straight to business today… We had said in yesterday’s post that this month is a month of giveaways… Exciting right??
It’s for our fans, friends, well-wishers… It’s our way of appreciating you. Yes, you that didn’t delete us from your list because of our BCs, you that criticised and helped us to improve, you that took out time to check our blog out once in a while… You!!!
Today’s the first giveaway day… Ourblogazine is giving away a gorgeous blue skirt, size 8.

It’s a really easy process to win though… All you have to do is/are:
* follow Ourblogazine on Twitter – @HorizonInc1
* Follow the blog via e-mail… Just check the home page you’ll see where it says ‘follow via e-mail’
* Like our Facebook page- Ourblogazine and leave a comment stating that you just did…
*Leave a comment on this post… State your name and e-mail add.
See? It’s that easy…
Be sure to tell a friend to tell a friend…. You could win big if only you watch this space…
And yes! The boys can win for their girlfriends too… Anybody! This skirt will be given away next Monday just as the next gift would be announced..
I hope you are as excited as we are…
Let the fun begin!!!!

Ps. This is for people in Calabar only…
Love y’all!!!!



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