Quickie AD!!!!

Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalalalalalala….
We All love Christmas!!!!
Everything tastes different at Christmas, rice, chicken, cakes, even sprite, lol.
For your christmas pastries, cakes and other sweets,call: 07031584979 for enquiries, ordering and booking. *You should mention the blog to get an extra discount!*
If you are looking for a Christmas job, why not call: 07031535839 to get a marketing gig this december.
So, now that you know where to get your Christmas snacks and the likes and we’re sure that dessert for Christmas dinner is covered, I shall now return to this wedding I’m currently attending.
Compliments of the season.

God loves a cheerful giver….in this season of love, try your best to enrich a life.
We did it last year. Let’s do it again. Christmas is a time for giving. We often take for granted all we have, not realising that some aren’t half as fortunate as us. Join Gershom on the 20th of December as he and some friends visit an orphanage. Donate your old clothes, old toys, foodstuff, cash and even your presence. Let’s give the less privileged a Christmas to remember. Enrich A Life (2). Please spread the word. Let’s make an impact. For donations and contributions to Enrich A Life, please contact Gershom 24D70BCF, 07035385763. Jesam: 2394AFC5, 08140035838, Calified: 08035120089, 21349E8E, Zahzee & Chakiee: 08126482853, 08033767248, 7C1E3EF4, 2754AF4D. Thanks and God bless.

Don’t forget, a LASHAKARA snapback.is still up for grabs… click here to win


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