For ZaZi!

This post must go up before midnight… Whether network likes it or not. Big thanks to Justin! Fun evening we all had with my friend of 4years and counting… Love you to tiny bits and pieces

Take a whiff
Of evening breeze
A clink of glass
To celebrate class
Light jazz wafting gently around writhing bodies
Gyration in gear
Vodka in blood
Liquid in liquid.

To the lady in heels
Feet in gold
Wrapped in the best leather
Snug in velvet
Buried in the Vuitton of Louis.

Take a bite
Of rich chocolate
Let’s celebrate
The richness of dark skin
Brown sweetness
Melting soothingly
Sun-kissed goddess.

To a friend
Multi-faceted, but
Every bit adorable
To Zahzee, I write
In joy I scribble
‘Tis your day –
And mine –
For what’s yours is mine.

Happy birthday….

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