Rate My Style…

Okay, happy New week my lovelies…
I’m sorry… We’ve had issues… Not sure I should bore you with details but we refuse to dull this year… No way…
So, this post is for those instagram hashtags #workbants and #schoolGrind… You must get it right…
For all those that they can wear anything just because it looks great on them, nope… Style is a state of mind, a way of life… If you have a great sense of style, you will be happy…
Here’s Amelia… Her style got rated.. Check it!!

Sandra Itu: The shoes ruin the entire look, nice outfit, wrong choice of shoes. It’s a 5/10 for me for the effort that is.

OurBlogazine rep: I like the complementary colours. Brings in a fun and calm side to the whole professional look….. Bankers and Lawyers should take note…. The whole black on white on black n black again is BORING!

Karen Ubani: Nice combination of separates..
Outfit would have passed for a perfect official look, except that the shoes are rather inappropriate for an office setting
The shoe style is a bit edgy (rather than conservative) which is advised for an office setting.

Nkari Dyeri: I like the color work in this outfit. But something about it does not sit right. I’m trying to decide between the shoes, clutch and ill fitted jacket.
Tee: I like this outfit, its nice and easy, and her smile is just absolutely contagious… But, somehow I just can’t shake the feeling this look would have been to die for, if she had worn regular pumps or stilettos..

It’s your turn now, rate Amelia’s look by commenting… Yay or nay?

Wanna be featured like Amelia??? Easy! Post a pic on instagram and mention @ourblogazine with the hashtag #rateMyStyle or on Twitter, tweet ur picture @HorizonInc1 with the same hashtag…
Join the bandwagon of stylish people today..
Have a great week people… I’m out!


6 thoughts on “Rate My Style…

  1. Nice! I peresonallly think iCan rock her loook. Most of us don’t care abouut ouur shoes. Can’t believe its getting her bad comments from the”pros”all in all, iThink she looks fab

  2. Hey gurl ur outfit totally rocks, l like the difference in the colours. Its not evryday yu wear matching clothes. It gets boring, sumtyms yu just nid to surprise ur on-lookers to get their attention n make ’em attracted n to also feel confident with urself. Go girl, dts totally a yayy!! 🙂

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