Tee’s Tipz- Dress and sneakers.


Morning darlings… January is almost a wrap, so, how are those resolutions coming?

Today, Tee has decided to set us straight with the sneakers with a dress trend… This look is a signature Kristen Stewart red carpet look. Though this post is late (our apologies), I still think it’d be helpful…

‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’_ Coco Chanel

Heyyy! Lol! Am I late with this trend? Thing is, I was sceptical about this at first but it has kinda grown on me…

Two very different styles, its the ultimate fusion of the ‘tom_boy girl’ and the ‘girly girl’.. So hello, college fashion!!!

Flirty, playful but still absolutely sexy, here is a way to look fabulous without the pain of walking around in 12-inch pumps… IKR! So switch those stilettos for a pair of sleek slip-ons or low-tops and have a swell time breaking necks!

Now, this look is meant to break rules! It is everything wrong! An example of anti-fashion fashion… So,Just do ya thang..!



Consider the fabric of your dress; make sure the fabric of your sneakers are light weight if your dress is.

You can experiment with prints and colours; polka dots work with stripes and large floral work with small floral of the same colour.


Kristen Stewart (far right)


Don’t pair a frilly dress with athletic shoes, they might not give you the look you desire. Stick to pairing converse, vans, keds, pumas, slip-ons, sketchers or retro styles sneakers with your dresses and skirts.


Don’t forget proportions, high tops will make your legs looks short when paired with knee length skirts. Instead, pair them with denim, leggings or hot shorts/skirts..

Hide your socks! 😀

Remember to wear pieces that accentuate your best features….

Its Tee 😀

Have a great day, guys! xx



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