Rate My Style- Dress and sneakers.

Hey guys… seems we’ll be posting mostly on weekends though… to all those that have been asking via emails and pings…

Okay! it’s the-day-after-valentine… what’s happening my hommies? any valentine story worth sharing?? Hit us up via email-  d_t_h23@yahoo.com or on facebook- http://www.facebook.com/ourblogazine and your story would be on here… exciting right? tell the world how you spent your valentine.

our last post was Tee’s Tips on how to rock sneakers and dresses. See here. This post is Ushang’s rating on her dress and sneakers style. I should try this soon.. lol…



And now, the judges;….

Ourblogazine rep: Its beautiful and she can switch the sneaks for shoes and take it up a notch…. So this dress can go from a picnic dress 2 a night-out-in-the-town dress with just a shoe switch!

Sandra Itu: 6/10. Casual look yet still chic and stylish. She payed attention to detail considering that it’s quite tricky pairing snickers with a dress. The sweater added a pop of colour & edge to the monochrome dress & sneakers. Street style yet chic fabulous.

TEe: I like that the outfit takes an unexpected turn with the sneakers..Properly did! The sneakers being a shade rather than a bright color is swell too! Ultimately, i think this is dope!

Nkari: I like Ushang’s look. I think it’s very up to trend with the way she paired her kicks and dress. The stripes work with the yellow too and her body type. I can’t say I don’t love this look.

Karen: Sporty, chic, and elegant
Perfect for laid back days, when u need to go out, but can’t ignore your craving for comfy fashion pieces
However, this is a look that only skinny, or well shaped girls can pull off.

If you have pulled this look off on instagram, just hashtag ‘RMS’ (i.e RateMyStyle), or mention @ourblogazine on a picture you are nominating and you or the person would be on here.

Make Your fashion statement on ourblogazine today!!!

have a great weekend darlings… xxx

P.s- Love is still in the air.


One thought on “Rate My Style- Dress and sneakers.

  1. I love ds look n rock it on a regular. I don’t have enuf sneaks tho,, I should get some more n pull ds off to school cz its so comfy

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