Advert Photoshoot… LOOK!!!

Happy new month people… what’s new? what’s the new month resolution? and all? A lot of birthdays in March… seems it’d be a great month….

Well, well, well…

Photoshoot crew

Photoshoot crew

There’s been a lot of anticipation for this post and we must apologize for the delay… but you know how it is, you really can’t prepare the frosting if the cake has not been baked… we’re done with the cake now… 😀

Sometime in December, Great minds came together to plan a photo-shoot strictly for advertisement purposes and after weeks of planning.. it became a reality… The shoot was organized by Ourblogazine in collaboration with Eno Jerry, stylist extraordinaire.

Models and Stylist (middle)

Models(R-Minika. L-Onyi) and Stylist (middle)

There were two models whose outfits were made available by: POSHE UNISEX SHOP. This is your one-stop location when shopping for clothes, perfumes, belts and shoes. Poshe also offers makeover services and online sales and delivery; which makes it easier and more convenient for you.

Dress: Poshe Belt: Poshe shoes: Shoecity

Dress: Poshe
Belt: Poshe
shoes: Shoecity


Dress: Poshe Shoe: Shoecity Accessories: Hanni Couture Dress: Poshe
Shoe: Shoecity
Accessories: Hanni Couture

Stylist: Eno Jerry.

Phone- 07083346971.




Contact Poshe

Address: No. 8 Ndidem Usang Iso Rd. Suit 204 (VICTORY PLAZA)

Phone: 08056575877, 08025563812 



  • Contact Fiowan– 07068578914

Accessories: Hanni’s  Couture- BBM- 25D68597

Photography: Ourblogazine. Yes, we took all the pictures ourselves…Shout-out to Eno Jerry!

Make-up: “Genipha”! Phone- 08173765130. 

Shoes: Shoecity.


Phone- 07033491614.


Shoecity is located on Marian rd, opp. Stanbic Ibtc bank, Calabar.

Special appreciation to the management of Channel View Hotels, Mcc Road, Calabar. A big thank you to Florence as well for helping out on the set… Thanks to you all..

We are grateful to God for the successful debut Advert photoshoot session and we hope for more, IJN. say ‘Amen’.


outfit- Poshe Accessories: Hanni's couture

outfit- Poshe
Accessories: Hanni’s couture


Top- Poshe. Shoes: Shoecity

Top- Poshe Skirt- Fiowan shoes: Shoecity

Top- Poshe
Skirt- Fiowan
shoes: Shoecity

Shoes by Shoecity

Shoes by Shoecity171

198214167 168 JC Jhokes CFC ★★☆

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