In search of shoes???

Every man knows that looking good is good business… Here’s a tip, with just one look at your shoes, a woman can make a conclusion about you. So, if you wanna impress the ladies, start shoe shopping NOW!!!


if you’re searching for both work and leisure foot wears, made of the finest leather and comfortable to go about your day’s business and your shoe size is between 41-44. Even if you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother or whomever….You’re in luck.

A friend of mine is an upcoming entrepreneur who is into shoe sales… and i’m always here to project every business inclined mind… why not let him take your shoe burdens off your shoulders? bear in mind also that there’s no such thing as having too many shoes.

IMG1390363257328_1390363263684_nYou should call these numbers to make your order-  08067924376, 07037505142, 07038438906.

start calling!!!

IG: ourblogazine. Twitter: @horizonInc1.

IG: ourblogazine. Twitter: @horizonInc1.

****CZ…. approved****




One thought on “In search of shoes???

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