Face of EddyLiz 2014

It’s beauty paegent frenzy again… This time, it’s the maiden edition of the Face of EddyLiz. Are you ready?
What’s the big deal about a face? Well, your pretty face or your girlfriend’s pretty face stands a chance of winning one or all of these:
* A brand new Nissan Almera
*A trip to Dubai
*one year modelling contract/ Ambassadorial role for EddyLiz Nigeria Ltd.
*3 months free wardrobe + 2 months free make-up…

Now, I bet you wish you had bought the Form right??? Well, lucky you!! You still can…
Forms on Sale @ N5000
Available at:
#89 Ndidem Usang Iso(Marian Road)

Oh well, just be ready to support those contesting and to come out en masse to have fun…
The Face of EddyLiz, a beauty paegent organized by EddyLiz Entertainment is COMING SOON!!!!!!
Calabar must turn up!
For more info:
Facebook- Faceofeddyliz
TWITTER: @Faceofeddyliz
Website: http://www.eddylizentertainment.com
You can also pass by the office to catch a glimpse of the car that could be yours… #89 Ndidem Usang Iso road, Calabar.

Get set, Ready? We are going SOON.

****CZ approved****


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