‘Ashtrays and Heartbreaks’: Episode 1


It’s gonna be a long night’, I told myself as I parked infront of his house jamming away my tension by listening to ‘Khona’. My mind soared far and wide, probably through Uyo to as far as Shagamu… Minutes had passed… Why wasn’t he out yet? As P-square blasted through the speakers, I picked up my phone and opened a memo. I figured I could just write while waiting…
It’s been two weeks since I came back and I haven’t still talked to Nkanu about that his drama I caught a glimpse of when I was flying out. Plenty attitude and ignoring but then, I missed my baby.
‘Hey, sweetheart. Are you going to come in? Or we should drive out?’
I gave him a sharp look because he had startled me then sighed.
‘Let’s drive.’ I said finally.
‘Okay. Let me get my phone, please’
‘Okay.’ I said slowly. Gosh! His eyes.

‘So, that’s what all this has been about? Osuake’s picture?! Did you forget it was her birthday?’
For about eight minutes, my brain froze. It was Osuake! Osuake!!!! How could I not have recognized his own sister’s picture?!?
‘Eheheheheheh?!’ I muttered. I needed to be cautious because I had lost the battle already. I had just the war left.
‘Yes, tigress. I don’t know why you’ll just be fearing for me anyhow. I’m going nowhere.’ He laughed.
I grimaced. I hate when he wins.
‘Getaway biko! If you like keep changing dp when I’m about to take-off. Nonsense child.’ I started loosening up.
‘Sorry na..I didn’t think you would mind because she was your dp that same day sef. All through… So…’
Nkanu was just one of those lucky ones… My name’s Ebere. I’m a 23 year old travel agent.


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