Gospel Fusion 2014 was live!!!

While pictures are still in the editing kitchen, here’s Ourblogazine’s event recap.

The town was covered in posters, it was trending on the social media and it was arguably the talk of the town. So, you can’t say you didn’t hear and if you didn’t attend the show, you missed! Don’t be sad, we’ve got you covered. Ahn ahn, smile small na, that’s why we are here. Ehen! That’s more like it…

Fusion: Gospel meets fashion 2014 themed “Algebra- shapes and sizes” was three days ago and it was FUN!
The whole beauty of it didn’t happen in one day. There were several model castings and rehearsals to prime the models for the big night. Trust OURBLOGAZINE to be there na.
That’s the boring part. Two days before the show,  there was a dress fitting/rehearsal at LeyiUsh Style house and I must say it was fun especially as the crew of Ebony life tv was there too.

On the 20th, the black and white themed Transcorp Hotels’ Pearl ball room looked awesome with candles on the tables and it also had a good number of people in attendance and a lot of photographers,different dress styles and a well-lit runway.
The comperes were Robert Ekpo, Last prophet and Michelle.
The gospel singers thrilled the audience while the models rocked the runway for each designer; different designers different music artistes. We had side attractions like dance by a duo called EXCLUSIVE and a skit of an English professor with a bad ibibio accent talking about today’s youth..
If you’d have been there, you’d have seen the likes of the Spring house Pastor- pastor Austin Mboso, SA to the governor on special duties, SA to the governor on religious matters, Mr Charles itu, the James’, Mercy isoyip (face of Cybermul), Musical sensation, DeeAlo, comedian extraordinaire, JcJhokes, bespoke fashion designer Estella (ColorsByDada clothing), etc scattered in the audience.
The show was done at about 11pm and even though there was a short black-out interval, there was no dull moment at least for me, there wasn’t!
If I wasn’t gisting, cheering on models I knew or laughing, I was criticizing the designs or just enjoying myself. Big Ups to Rod&staff, LeyiUsh styling, Jerry(CEO, Modele Management), RedOrange photography, Emmanuel Inam(3E photography), the designers from far and wide, the artistes, the models, the comperes, the sponsors, and everyone who put in effort to make sure it was a great event. I must say it paid off!
Thanks to you all that came to grace the event.
Thanks to you all. 😀


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