As you are quite aware, AUGUST is the sunday of summer. Yes, sadly, summer is gradually coming to an end. Not like it affects us in the Federal Universities but well, they would say we are the unfortunate minority.

Ourblogazine is always on the matter. We have to make sure you have fun!! From the beginning of this August till you start packing your back-to-school bags.. We are ready to be your fun guides…


* On the 10th of August, 2014, OURBLOGAZINE is bringing the sunday of summer to life! Yes! it’s a sunday. It’s no coincidence. Since you got back to town, have you been entertained? Loud music, Chilled drinks, hot chicks, cute boys et all? No? Yes? NO?!

OURBLOGAZINE presents ADRENALINE RUSH .  It’s the rave of the moment as it’s in just 8 DAYS!!!  Calabar must party ooo!!! All the Jays, wedge sneakers, crop tops, bum shorts, ripped jeans, ankara hoodies, LaShakara snapbacks, all those things you’ve stored away waiting for where to show them off, this party is you one-stop!


*** DATE: 10th August, 2014

***VENUE: The Mayfair Lounge, Channel View Hotels, Calabar

***Time: 4pm ( Be on time because the next day is a Monday :D)

***Attractions: -Comedy- Whokes and JcJhokes

-Party make-over stand- by LaEstel Beauty Lounge. For the girls that like to shimmer and glow.

– Photo Booth- RED Orange Photography

Have you ever been in a party and then there was a fashion show?! No? Hehe, We’ve got you!

Be thrilled while partying as bespoke designers hit the runway: LASHAKARA WEARS, EMMYKASBIT, COLOURS BY DADA, NIKKY KOUTURE and Accessories by Danny Walker.

*** TICKETS: 1k at the door. Reserved tickets (3k, 5k) Call: 08033767248, 08126482853.

Any other info will be communicated as we countdown!!


** On the 24th of August, 2014. Robert Ekpo will host his first comedy show. YAY! Big things!! ‘ROBY EKPO *UNLEASHED* is set to take calabar by storm!! Don’t dull oo… Everyone is already on board. Except you, maybe.

Venue- Transcorp Hotels, Calabar

Time: 5pm

Date: 24/08/2014.

Tickets; 2k, 5k, 30k(reserved)

You can get your tickets online;

It’s still not a coincidence. Sundays are the HOTTEST days this August!


Get with the fun. You must not turn down.





2 thoughts on “ADRENALINE RUSH PARTY!!!!!

  1. So ive been in calabar for over a week and I didnt even know about this…plus it falls on my birthday (yaay).so I may have to even miss this(wails).

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