Hey guys!!! It’s would have been two weeks since the party tomorrow. And we haven’t post a thing. How bad.. Apologies…

The party was the best we’ve ever had…yet  (considering it was a debut party :D). No need for too much talk and all.. You had to be there to feel the ‘rush’.

A big thank you to all our sponsors;

  • The Mayfair Lounge
  •  LaShakara Wears
  • Blubox Interactive Media
  • RedOrange Photography
  • LaEstel Beauty Lounge
  • Spinett Parties
  • Modele Management

The Designers;

  • Colours by Dada
  • Lashakara Wears
  • Danny Walker Outfitz and accessories
  • Nikki’s couture

A big thank you to GENIPHA, Mary-Jane and Mary-Karen for the make-up. To Ebe and Gershom and Obaz for all the help. A Very BIG THANK you to YOU for showing up for the turn up.

Pictures maybe??? YES, of Course.

Shoki movement

Shoki movement


 Ourblogazine-28Ourblogazine-31Ourblogazine-29Ourblogazine-32 Ourblogazine-33 Ourblogazine-35 Ourblogazine-36 Ourblogazine-37 Ourblogazine-38 Ourblogazine-39Ourblogazine-40 Ourblogazine-41 Ourblogazine-42 Ourblogazine-43More pictures….. 

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