You and I- episode 1

Happy new year to you. Yes, you. You that never gets tired of checking out our blog, never gets tired of our bcs or email notifications. We are grateful. Let’s make more hits this year. So, we’re starting the year with a story. It’s what you would say a typical story but don’t look at it that way. It’s a funny story so you could regard it a ‘comic relief’. It’s just a story for your reading pleasure, okay? 
TITLE: “YOU and I”
episode 1

“The hair is fine oo”
“You think? Thank you”
We pay and step out into the blinding rays of the sun.
“this sun fit fry person oo”
“was just about to say the same thing” I respond, digging in my bag for shades
“How are we leaving this area biko?”
“Two taxis oo. Or you’ll do drop?”
“Isnt it the same thing?”
“find one na. We albinos, we don’t see in the sun”
Turning to hunt and flag down the next available cab, I observed a familiar car come to a stop infront of us… I looked into it and shrieked.
“Akpanika! You had better had my cake oo…”
“Na wa to you oo.. Even as you dey under sun.. That’s the first thing you’ll ask abi… Where are you headed?”
“Long description. We are going for a wedding, but I just got my hair done…so I have to go home first and dress but we are sha going for wedding..”
“Waka waka. Oya, enter. Lemme help you out”
We hop in.
“This is that my friend you were asking about. Ochia.”
“Hi. I’m Akpanika”
“Nice to meet you. Why have you been asking about me?”
“I just think you’re fine and friendly. I just came into town a couple of days back for my birthday. So, I need one or two hook-ups, you get?”
“I don’t get oo.. I’m not a ‘hook-up girl’”
“You don’t have to be. I have to make a quick stop here. So…?”
“I’ll just use cab.. so that by the time you’re done here, I would have gotten home and dressed up.”
“Ochia, Behave yourself oo.”
   The wedding is our friend’s elder sister’s. We are at the reception venue trying to fraternize but everyone is either a bit older or pre-occupied. We sight our friend, Frank and hurry over to ‘mark attendance’ Frank isn’t a ‘regular’ friend. He’s just a cool dude we know and like to hang with, sometimes. He’s nice and very caring. Typical ‘i-just-moved-back-mehn’ type of guy. You don’t get? He schooled abroad but he’s back now.
“Ochia, Asandia, you girls came- looking hot.”
“But of course..” Ochia replies in a clear British accent.
“Hope you guys are okay oo. Thanks for coming. Let me introduce you to my friend. He’ll keep you guys company. You can sit with him sef.”
Another reason we like Frank, he has a lot of cute and cool friends.
“You have a missed call” I tell Ochia as we trail behind Frank. “Number” I added.
“Ehn.. it’s Akpanika”
“Na wa.. he got your number?!”
“My sister, and pin.”
“His P-setting skills are BAM!”
“He’s not fine. I kentkent is actually ‘can’t’. It would seem my friend had an ‘A’ in oral English.
“It’s not yet time. Be fronting first.”


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