You and I- episode 2

Hello!… Oh! It was nothing… We had fun, please… Nah, we have fellowship this evening… She’s here, trying to figure out who I’m talking to… she’ll hear”
Watching Ochia nod and listening to her own end of the ongoing phone conversation made her look, well, to me, a bit retarded. Wonder if that’s how I look when on the phone.
“Frank said to say hello to you oo” She says after several more nods.
“mmhm! Guessed it was him you were talking to. He wanted to take us out?”
“Yeah, to say a proper thank you to us, he said”
“But we have fellowship sha…”
“I told him, he said tomorrow.”
“Ok, let’s catch up with the others and get it over with”
We have to remember that God has always said that we should fear not. In any situation, challenge, wherever you find yourself, FEAR NOT! Exodus 20:20, can someone read it for us?”
“Asandia, read now?”
“What kind of play is that?”
The speaker was very charismatic and inspiring and fellowship today is a lot more interesting than I remember from my last few attendances. As usual, Ochia and I are chatting away just as much as we are paying attention. Ochia has been my friend for just about two and a half years. We met in Year 1, became friends simply because she realized she can’t do without me. Well, because this is a story based on fiction, nobody will slap me or anything of the sort. Anyway, she’s like any best friend really because I am of the opinion that best friends appeal to whoever the same way… my best friend can’t be your best friend though but there’ll definitely be something similar between yours and mine. She’s my nigga, a real G, maybe less than she sees herself, lazy, funny, funky, pretty, tall, light-skinned (as in posh in her case), etc.
Me? I’m just a 3rd year medical student, living a life of determination, guts and glory. Ochia and I share a room in one of the numerous off-campus hostels in school. It’s a noisy block daily and it’s a lot of fun.
Yes, we’re at fellowship still, just that now, we’re saying the benediction. The Grace. We’re scrambling out. We’re out.
“Do you remember that Gershom’s class fight? That Sosthens spelt his name out on the coal tar and that their boy they expelled came to fight too?”
“Asa-mama!! Na you oo! How will you even remember such? You were not even in their school..”
“Leave me. It just came to me na. Do you know the noise they made? You’ve forgotten?”
“I remember sha. Na wa oo! Your Akpanika will kill my battery. 7 missed calls. No giving up? How do you know him sef? I’ve not asked.”
“or you’ve forgotten. He’s that Tsola’s friend na that when he comes, Tsola will start shaking body. They’re really close and all. He’s nice sha. Cool, somehow quiet sha. Eh! Our friendship is from Tsola and exists mostly on BBM.”
Tsola is my ex-boyfriend.
“This is the one that used to come once in a while, that one time he let you drive his car?”
“Noo.. not that one. How will I drive that car now? The car guy is Ofem. Now, truthfully, I don’t seem to remember our real story between Akpanika and I but at least I remember I know him from Tsola”
“oh well, he’s not fine. still.”
“Pick up at least once na…”
“No! Until he’s tired. Let’s walk fast, I think I have a skype date. That’s if etisalat network will gree.”
“This you and Eta’s internet love sha…”
“2 years and counting… infact  we were neighbours since I was small so since then sef”
By now, we’re almost home. We buy suya, bole and fish and continue the last lap home.
“Remind me to call my mum, when we reach.”
“This man’s suya is so nicccee!”
Ochia’s phone begins to ring.
“Who is this one now?”
“Number? Put on speaker.”
“Yeah. Hello?”
You finally answered. It’s Akpanika.”

Good read ei?
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