Hello July…

‎It’s the 1st of July!!!!

Can you believe we’re here already? It’s been God! And i’m grateful he’s kept us to the first day of the 2nd half of the year! Just yesterday it was 1st January… haha! yes, time does fly…

Best part of this month is its my birthday soon!! I’ll be older and hopefully wiser! I’ve started receiving gifts ooo. Contact Zahzee (08126482853) for the gift list so you can surprise me. Yes you too, waybill it if you must!

To show my love to yallz, there’ll be a giveaway sooo, watch this space…

Have you gotten your bvn‎? I have! Someone shout hallelujah!

Is it Bangs season yet??


Congrats to the Aouad’s on their baby girl, Aya! We love you already. I’m an Aunty!!!


Watch this space oo!!

Later today, we will be introducing the Host(s) of FUSION GOSPEL MEETS RUNWAY 2015…

We are exclusive like that…


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