Calabar Eats: 8tte’s Fingerlikin’ barbecue and cocktails 

Hey lovelies.

Special shoutout to all our fellow foodies! This new category is not only our first post. It’s here to stay. You need to know some cool places to eat in this town. You agree right?

Happy new year. Hopefully, January is not a free trial month; you enjoyed it.


Chef 8tte himself


8tte’s Fingerlikin’ Barbecue and Cocktails offers the best service in barbecue, small chops and cocktails for any event at all. What’s most exciting is that on a Friday like this, apart from the normal “TGIF” fever, we are over excited because 8tte gives us small chops. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻




Spring rolls, samosa, puff puff and chicken. My people, please don’t joke with the puff puff, please!!!

You just place an order on the day between 6am and 11am and pick up between 12 and 3pm.

Pick up at: No 4 old Marian road. 

To Order : 08034010351

Price: N500 only

Instagram: @chef8tte


Be happy. Eat small chops.


CZ. xx


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