Calabar Eats: Boleroes Grills and Chops

Because food is essential. And breakfast is the most important meal of the day, i’m of the opinion that no matter how late in the day it is, if it is your first meal, it is still BREAKFAST.

Today on Calabar eats, we went for Bole*and roasted fish at the number one spot- University of Calabar Teaching Hospital. (Calabar locals know this!) 

I’m not a fan of bole* but this one got me hooked. You know how on those hot aftrernoons after a treacherous day in school and the hunger seems to have eaten through the walls of your stomach and intestines and gradually making its way up to your brain… Lol! Pardon me. I exagerate a bit when it comes to hunger.

Quantity- For a group of 5, we ordered 10 fingers of bole* and two fish. The fish were a full piece so 2 seemed enough. Well, as you would imagine, we couldn’t finish the meal. We had to wrap the remaining to go. 

Quality- It tastes great. The sauce was very rich in oil and pepper so contrasted the sweet taste of the bole just enough to create a balance for our taste buds. 

Service- the service was poor though. But i’m guessing since a better half of the customers take away to eat some place else, this can be a soothing excuse for the poor service. There were too few attendants to the pool of customers too. But maybe that’s just an issue of timing. 

In general, we recommend you try out. And if you already have, you leave a comment stating your views. Who knows, you might win a bole date with Chakie. Lol.

Where else can good bole* be found? Any suggestions? 

*Bole- Roasted plaintain (maybe ripe or unripe) 

DISCLAIMER- This is not a sponsored post. 

Happy eating!





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